When Was Ancient Jerusalem Destroyed (Part I)

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  • thetrueone

    It seems so blatantly clear that the final destruction of ancient Jerusalem happened in 587 by using many calculated ways in doing so.

    They seem to think that the start of the captivity by Babylonians, which more accurately started in 605 BCE was the date of the actual

    destruction of the city itself, where history clearly shows the temple and standing government operated right up to 587.

    Weird theology !

  • thetrueone

    Another thing worth considering if Cyrus's decree to free the Jews in Babylon occurred in 539 BCE.,

    then that would end their captivity in that year, even if they were still living in Babylon.

    Take away 70 years from that date and you arrive back at 609 BCE.

    When you think about it its no wonder this religion was so slow to expand in its growth over the years,

    even though there was so much door to door work and multiple publications produced by the WTS.

    For when people start to take an analytical look at the professed doctrines, they are so loosely constructed at their core,

    people instinctively smell something wrong and conclude its just religious commercialism .

  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough

    There is more than enough information here to quiet your friend.


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