Seriously, what is wrong with US ?!?!!?

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    PS, I just learned something in my Anthropology class that has really stuck with me. I say the answer is EVOLUTION. I recently emailed this to a friend, so I will just paste it here again---it's takes too long to write it out again. Tell me what you think!

    So in my anthropology class i learned something so intriguing, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. It's about chimps and bonobos. They share a common ancestor. But then along came an extended drought that affected a portion of the population. This forced the affected population to start climbing trees to get food. The other group could continue foraging on the ground. So here are the social differences that led to: The tree eating females grew weaker. They often were caring for infants, and they were weaker than the males, so they couldn't climb the trees as fast to get food. So the males became dominant. Also because this type of foraging tends to be solitary, the females did not form strong alliances and bonds with other females. The ground eating females had no such competition. They could forage with other females and form strong bonds and alliances with them. The society remained much more equal, and they had nothing to fear from the males. The results: The tree eaters evolved into chimpanzees. They are violent and fight other groups of chimps. They are violently abusive to females and commit infanticide against offspring that are not their own. The females have not learned to rely one another, so they are on their own. They will try to mate with every male in their group to reduce the likelihood that the males will kill their offspring. If all the males think the kid could be theirs, they are safer. The ground eaters evolved into bonobos and live a peaceful nonviolent life. The females stand together, so the offspring are not in danger. They have sex ALL THE TIME. Female/Male, Female/Female, Male/Male. It simply doesn't matter. They are too busy making love to make war. Guess which species human DNA is closer too? Yeah---the chimps. Freaking Drought!

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    PSacramento: Please read about this gentleman.

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    In the Book of Genesis, all of man's problems are blamed on a woman who wasn't modestly dressed.

    The rest is history.

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    LOL---sorry---I'm still going with evolution, which was strongly aggravated by religion.


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    I've had this discussion with several people. The shifting moral stance perhaps has more to do with a religious view of a soul that can be damaged by sexual immorality v a physical body that can be damaged by violence.

    It is also deeper than this, violence seems a cultural preserve of patriarchy where it is legalised in boxing, glorified in the military, often ignored within family relationships and is seen as an expected requirement of maleness and honour. The flip is true of sexuality where this is very much focused on women, what they wear, how they act in bed.

    In short I think this is caused by male dominance of societies power structures. Male strength (violence is promoted and given a socially acceptable context) and Male weakness ( lust is hidden by stigmatisation of women and their sexuality ) is displayed in all it's ugliness and facilitated by religious, male engendered texts.

    When women's rights are promoted then society becomes less violent, less sexually hypocritical, less accepting of domination within relationships and less judgemental of minority sexual orientation. In short we are better the more women are given a share of institutional power. What that says of the US i do not know.

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    PSacramento: Have you heard about this related news item from Canada?

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    What a bunch of twits.

    You can swear and cus in parliment, lie through your teeth, as long as you don't show cleavage?

    LMAO !!

    Priorities, where for art thou?

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