A life of mental illness ends in violence.

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    Good for you Rick..

    You`ve managed to find a new LOW..

    You found a way to Beat Up a Mentally ill JW who is dead..

    Without having to find a shovel..

    So you could dig her up..

    You keep bashing the JW Victims of the WBT$..

    The WBT$ could just as easily point to your mental illness..And..

    Paint the rest of us with the same brush..


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Simon, I thought you banned this nutjob? What did "you've blah blah blahed this forum.... blah blah" at the end of his last thread mean? I thought you had enough of this clown? Did he kiss butt or something and promise to be a good little apostate? He's really just a sad little religious fanatic.

  • yesidid
  • koolaid-man

    If the story does not raise an eyebrow move on and ignore it........ just keep going to the meetings and forget it.

  • skeeter1

    It seems like this husband is feeling responsible for his wife's death - for not getting her enough help. He must have loved her dearly. But, he has to stop blaming himself. She was mentally ill. He did right thing by calling the police, and the police did their job . . . especially when she had a gun and was threatening to use it. Sometimes in grief, people get mad at the world. In this case, it sounds like he is mad at the police. But, the police were not the real cause of her death or drug addiction. It was within her. She was mentally ill. The husband did all he could do. Sometimes, doing everything in our power isn't enough. We can lead a horse to water, but we can't make her drink. I hope the husband can work through his grief, and come to peace with himself and the cops.


  • skeeter1

    p.s. just another crazy ass sister on prescription drugs. Don't we see this all the time? It's the elephant in the JW congregation, sisters on drugs for depression, etc. No wonder, the WTS makes them think the world is terrible, the WTS is right, Armagheddon is coming any minute, no use for a job/education, just folllow all the WTS rules . .. . enough rules and pressure to turn a sane person into "mentally diseased." Oh, I forgot, it's the apostates who are mentally diseased. LOL

  • lovelylil

    I agree skeeter,

    Someone was going to die that night. If the police were not called, the lady was hell bent on shooting her husband's son. This is a classic example of suicide by cop, the husband is not to blame. His wife had a death wish.

  • thetrueone

    If the story does not raise an eyebrow move on and ignore it........ just keep going to the meetings and forget it.

    Your truly an idiot of sorts, most of the folks here making derogatory comments on your opening post are atheists such as myself.

    The fact is a mentally unbalanced persons can come from any religious domination not just singularly from the JWS alone.

    The intension of your thread is quite irrelevant in trying to connect one individual with mental problems and the JWS is really pointless and redundant.

    Your the kind of guy that makes all ex-JWS look really stupid and somewhat childish in your intelect.

  • koolaid-man

    Thetrueone I am just reporting..... you decide. If you have a problem with this post talk to your elders about it maybe they can help.

  • AnneB
    "She just wanted my son (Ken) out of the house, and Philibert knew that," Jim said. "Everything could have been avoided if the police just said, 'Shelly, we are making Jim and Ken leave.' But instead of engaging his brain, (Philibert) engaged his trigger finger."

    If Jim really believes this, why didn't he move his son out before the situation turned into a tragedy?

    Jim wanted the police, his son, and himself to cater to a madwoman bent on murder? Leave their family home because she was behaving like a bully? He sounds more off-balance than she was.

    Not a very "pc" post, I realize, but I'm pretty fed up with anything that even remotely seems to advocate doing things the "sick" person's way. Duhhhh!!! They're siiiick!!! Would the healthiest and most qualified person please take charge here??? Oh. He did. The cop sized up the situation and wouldn't let her get by with any more bullying. Good on him! Now nobody in the area has to worry about what she might do if she took a dislike to some other situation.

    Jim, stop your whining. Grieve if you wish, but you're the one who enabled the woman for all those years. That's not love, that's just plain twisted. Ken, I hope you don't torment yourself over this, it had very little to do with you.

    There's nonsense and then there's sensibility.


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