Declaring War

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  • LoneWolf

    LOL, Broken Promises & out4good!

    You may be right, but I doubt it. I've written others that were longer, and they paid attention to them! This is not a case of where I want some answer. That would take a bit more, I think. Rather, there are other purposes for it:

    1. I want it on record.

    2. I want others, many others, aware of it.

    3. I'm trying to put into words what others know but don't know how to express. For instance, review the part about the "milk" of the word being buried in so much B.S. that it gets lost, and the part right after it about them destroying good heart conditions and faith, due to their overblown egos. If those wavering review those points, it should help them recognize that what is happening is not due to a defect in themselves, and it will be far easier to take a stand.

    4. Most don't leave because they do love Jehovah, and buy into the nonsense that the two are inseparable. I want to break that illusion. They don't need to leave Jehovah to leave the Society.

    5. When others see such bold stands, it tends to reduce their fear.

    As to the people running the congregations and Society, I'm not counting on any reply nor caring what they do. They will read it though, due to one factor: If you want a hoity-toity stuffed shirt to pay attention to what you say, DON'T say it directly to him. Rather, say it to others IN HIS PRESENCE. This way you will take the very weapon he uses against you, his pride, and turns it right around on him. Pompous asses are very touchy about their "image", and will listen, usually with a considerable amount of outrage. This is why I mentioned right at the top: "An Open Letter"

    If you think I'm trying to reason with them with the assumption that they will react as a Christian should, you are sadly mistaken. I know exactly what they are.

    As to the "angry apostate tag", who cares what they say.

    Designs - LOL on the cash cow business! Although I don't think they are anywhere near as well off as many assume.

    Hotspur, clarity, & journey-on - Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    WOW! WOW!

    You deserve to have your say. The results...well, time will tell. I wish you everything you wish for yourself. I love your writing style, and your sense of humour. Nice to know you!


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