Has the Watchtower ever made a correct prediction?

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  • Fernando

    In 1889 the WBT$ predicts in detail the spiritistic scheming priestcraft it would come to embrace (due to the harlotrous GB's insatiable lust for graven unnatural spiritual intercourse or prostitution with demons):

    "The underlying principle of the Great Reformation, to which all Protestants look back with pride, was the right of individual judgment in the interpretation of the Scriptures, in opposition to the papal dogma of submission to clerical authority and interpretation. On this very point was the whole issue of the great movement. It was a grand and blessed strike for liberty of conscience, for an open Bible, and the right to believe and obey its teachings regardless of the usurped authority and vain traditions of the self-exalted clergy of Rome. Had not this principle been firmly held by the early Reformers, they never could have effected a reformation, and the wheels of progress would have continued to stick in the mire of papal traditions and perverted interpretation."

    See paragraphs 4-11 at http://www.biblestudents.net/htdb/o003.htm

    From the 1889 Watch Tower "The Old Theology" Tract No. 3 "Protestants, Awake! The Spirit of the Great Reformation Dying. How Priestcraft Now Operates".

    See dx86-10 list of "Watch Tower Publications" when searching Watch Tower library for "Priestcraft".

  • ScenicViewer

    Of coure the Society has made correct predictions. Lots of 'em. Here are a few. (Notice the publication dates)

    1) (W09 9/1 p. 30)
    "...the Bible promises that soon the earth will be a physical paradise."

    2) (W83 3/1 p8)
    "The difficult time all faithful Christians are now having is soon to end, for we are rapidly approaching a new, happy era. We are on the threshold of "a new heaven and a new earth."

    3) (W52 12/1 p709)
    "...now, by occurrence of every detail of the great sign Jesus gave, we know that we face the imminent end of the present world system."

    4) (W50 3/1 p67 par1)
    "The rapidly approaching battle of Armageddon makes the matter of praising God increasingly urgent for survival."

    5) (W50 9/1 p286 par14)
    "Shortly, at a thief-like hour, the Supreme Warrior for truth and righteousness will make himself known to all his opposers in a language that they will understand, the language of cosmic forces that will speak destruction to them."

    Of course, this all depends on how you define soon, threshold, imminent, rapidly, and shortly!

    (Credit goes to another JWN poster, whose nickname I honestly can't remember. My apoloties to him/her.)

  • alanv

    I used to think that their explanation of the image of the wild beast in Revelation going into the abyss and then coming out again was real proof that they had the truth.

    That is until I realized that the UN (the image of the beast) was already spoken about by world leaders, before the society said that the league of nations would come back in a different form.

  • sizemik

    I suspected from it's title, this was bound to be a short thread.

  • blondie

    The WTS attributed a talk made by Knorr in the summer of 1942 re the UN as being a prediction because most jws think it started in 1945. Actually the charter and first members joined in January 1942 and this was announced in the media.

    *** jv chap. 14 pp. 192-193 “They Are No Part of the World” ***This time, it involved the United Nations, successor to the League. While World War II was still under way, in 1942, Jehovah’s Witnesses had already discerned from the Bible, at Revelation 17:8, that the world peace organization would rise again, also that it would fail to bring lasting peace. This was explained by N. H. Knorr, then president of the Watch Tower Society, in the convention discourse “Peace—Can It Last?” Boldly Jehovah’s Witnesses proclaimed that view of the developing world situation.


  • leavingwt

    WT said if you read apostate literature, you'll 'fall out of the truth'.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    WT said if you read the Bible without Watchtower literature to interpret it for you, you will end up returning to the doctrines of mainstream Christendom.

  • N.drew

    Y'll will go back to Jesus? Can't let that happen. Doesn't it say somewhere that Jesus gets left all alone? Daniel 9:26 http://biblos.com/daniel/9-26.htm It's in the Bible. A good Bible student will work hard to make that happen, by golly.

  • 00DAD

    In response to Scenic's quip, "Of course, this all depends on how you define soon, threshold, imminent, rapidly, and shortly!"

    • Inigo Montoya: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." (The Princess Bride)
  • ziddina

    They kinda sorta maybe got "1914" right....

    As in, SOMEthing happened that year...

    Of course, their prediction of WHAT happened, was totally WRONG...

    But I think that the fact that WWI started in 1914, and coincided with their predictions that the "end of the world" was going to come then, later on changed to, "That's when Jesus came - INVISIBLY!" - well, I think that's why they still cling to the "607 BCE" date so desperately...

    1914 was the ONLY time they got something kinda sorta maybe "right"...

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