Ponzi scheme - 75% of investors were Dubs....

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  • thetrueone

    Situations like this one brings into focus who really is mentally diseased ?

    Well what do you expect when you tell people that there is an omniscient god called Satan ruling the world

    and he is the direct cause of all wickedness. People do prey on other JWS because they are perceived to be

    honest and righteous, its a white sheet of wholesomeness that many JWS get suckered by.

    There is a comical division between JWS and non-JWS that gets impressed by JWS themselves

    through their indoctrination.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I'm really not surprised. For years I had at least several dozan JW's approach me with all sorts of stupid get rich schemes. I'm in sales and I do alright so I was always approached. I've seen so people taken and the part that really annoyed me is the pitches, "oh we can retire and pioneer" with this income. BAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRFFFFFFFFFF!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    JJ 2014 wrote:

    "Does anyone else find it ironic that well-to-do Jehovah’s Witnesses retire to Mexico as so-called “missionaries” to “help” poor Mexican people, while at the same time those same JWs “attempt” to live off of investments they have made in a business which is designed to take advantage of poor people — in this case, the JWs’ own fellow Americans and Canadians."

  • skeeter1

    Maybe this is why the November 15th magazine is about not trying to get rich! LOL. Perhaps the WTS should make the KH a 'non-soliciation' zone. Oh wait, then the eye reader and witch doctors will have to stay home.

  • lovelylil

    They got what they deserved in my opinion. NO ONE gets a 40% return on their money. The stock market has never yielded returns like that. I think they were all pure greedy and saw the $$$$ and the greed blinded their judgement.

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