Witnessing to the JW's on my Online Baby Forum

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  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Here are the total celebrations I had as a child:

    1. Family Gift Day (grade school)

    2. Family Gift Day (Jr. HS)

    3. 8th grade graduation (Gifts:)

    Forgot this one at age 17: Baptismal lunch (cards and $10)

    4. HS Graduation (Gifts)


    5. Wedding reception

    6. Anniversary (gift: alarm clock)

    7. Baby shower (Tons of gifts for baby:)

    8. Anniversary (planned and organized it myself. Gift: family photo)

    9. Anniversary (planned and organized it myself. No gifts)

    10. Baby shower (tons of gifts for baby, of course:)

    11. Divorce breakfast at Denny's (the divorce was the gift)

    12. College graduation cruise from df'd grandmother. (Treasured more than any of the above).

  • Snoozy

    People can find fault in anything it they truly try. It is up to us to decide if we want to accept something or not. I myself see no wrong in Halloween or any of the other holidays..I don't take things to the extreme tho, like devil worshipping at halloween time..


  • i_drank_the_wine

    Did any of the JW's actually contact you?

  • AwSnap

    Not yet

  • flipper

    AWSNAP- Very well done indeed ! It's really good when we can expose the WT society and Witnesses for what they are- a deceptive cult trying to separate families from reality and good times together . Good work

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