Witnesses Ban gambling using no Scriptures only stupid logic...it's greedy! What?

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  • WTWizard

    So gambling is always wrong? What happens if I move to "where the need is greater"? Chances are good that it will not be a place where I can start a viable business with a minimum of extraneous red tape or hassle, or find a good job to support myself. Yet, to move to a foreign country, I need a passport, and most likely a visa. It requires packing, and I have to know what items cannot come because of whatever laws they have. Many countries require vaccinations to move there. Most require a physical and a police report so they are sure they are not importing a criminal or AIDS. It takes time and energy--I would expect about 2-3 weeks of disarray and a lot of stress. Plus it's expensive. Many of those countries can cost more than the equivalent of 25 ounces of gold to move into.

    So I have to gamble all that time and energy to move "where the need is greater". Suppose, for all that work, I get to pious-sneer, and get precisely zero new recruits? Bear in mind that many of those moves also require learning a foreign language--and always require learning a new culture. (Which, if you blow, you look like a dork and is not compatible with your mission). It is also possible to get sick, not make it financially, or to break the tiniest of Washtowel rules. All of which can ruin your "payoff". And, if people do not appreciate the work, it is possible to get more than a dog sicced on you (try a lion or tiger).

    They decide that it is proper to gamble all that effort away for the Washtowel Slaveholdery. Yet, what if I gamble a toilet paper or two on a scratch-off? A toilet paper is far less than a move to a foreign country (many of which are even worse off than the United Tyranny of Stupidity at the moment--with the riots in the Middle East, Muslim laws, and the debt crisis in Europe, I would not want to move there. But, I wouldn't have a problem with someone gambling a few toilet papers in the lottery.

    Everything you do is a gamble. So, you wish to stay in the United Tyranny of Stupidity--you are gambling that it doesn't get so bad that it becomes the worst country in the world. If you move, where to? Canada? Cheap and easy, but you might still get the tyranny going north of the border if the American Union comes along. Europe? And be involved with the crap there. Australia? New Zealand? You might get away from the tyranny, but it is very expensive and you have a LOT of work learning things (especially those who had their heads up a Washtowel all their lives) before you can make it there. South America? Again, you might get in a decent country--or one that itself is a banana republic. Either way, you have to take a risk (aka, gamble). If you don't, you might end up worse off than if you would have "gambled".

    And, you never know. A toilet paper, played on the right numbers in the lottery, could earn you 300 million of them or more.

  • N.drew


  • N.drew

    I think I might add, I am not mad at the USA, I am happy to be an American earthling. I have not live in another country, unless you count Sweden, but I don't remember.And maybe WTWizard knows something I don't know. I think I shall never insult my country. Which leads me to something I talked about yesterday to a nice Jewish lady. She said she has bumped into at least one person who said to her she killed Christ. So I said how dumb can people be, Jesus was suppose to die, it was in the "plan". Jesus! I love you Jesus.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    My response when I was active was that gambling in Vegas is no different than gambling on the stock market. I've had various responses to that but I really didn't care. I just wanted to annoy the person inquiring

  • Snoozy

    I went on our local gambling boat a few years ago with my JW hubby , even saw a few witnesses on there. It was funny watching them spit out their excuses when hubby would talk to them.. ..I guess they didn't read the articles on gambling or they did and were busted....

    "Do as I say, not as I do" would apply there I guess..


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