The Watchtower's Delicate Mastery Of Deception

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  • metatron

    You gotta admire the skill manifest in the Watchtower's deception skills. Don't kid yourself, even the Gestapo, in internal documents found after the war, found the magazines to be well crafted in the field of propaganda.

    The latest deceptions? Well, there's the Nov. Awake magazine with its cover asking, "Is Belief In A Creator Reasonable". Of course, the article goes on with the usual nonsense about design and features attractive graphics to add authority to its silly belief.

    But, truthfully, the correct answer is No!, it is not reasonable to believe in the common notion of a Creator. The reason why is simple:




    Guinea worms



    Tyrannosaurus Rex

    And any other 'well designed' horror of nature you can think of.

    If you say, "maybe Satan did those" , you've just contradicted the idea of God as Creator in favor of the Devil ( hey, welcome to the Gnostic faith!) or if you say 'They adapted, somehow", you've just attributed their "wonderful" bloodthirsty "design" to evolution, so what do you need a personal Creator for, anyway? (I'm a Pantheist)

    Oh, but wait.... there's more!

    Take a look at the Oct 1 Watchtower in which it makes the claim that some Readers of these monthly 'pulp fictions' asked, "Should Infants Be Baptized?". Now, of course, I don't know anyone (and you probably don't either) who actually wonders about this "softball query" but it might have the purposed effect of "innoculating" dim-bulb Witnesses (often redundant) against the REAL QUESTION THAT DRIFTS THRU THE BACK OF MANY MINDS WITHIN THIS CULT, NAMELY, "Should children, minors and teenagers be baptized, as opposed to adults?"

    This way, various Witnesses can tell themselves," We covered that last question in the, I think" and being otherwise mentally lazy, will never catch on to the perverse use of baptism as leverage against teenagers, "in the bloom of youth" and hormonally incapable of making any adult commitment.

    Yep, these broad-gauged deceivers know their craft.


  • N.drew

    What's wrong with tigers? I hate tapeworms. If everything were peachy we would not evolve the ability to hate (what is bad), if someone found out and chose to exploit that characteristic of humans, they might.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I took the current study version of the Watchtower to show my counsellor this week. I read the 'mentally diseased' crap to her and also the study article about when someone you love 'leaves Jehovah'.

    She said "they are very clever with their words".

  • GOrwell

    Not a complete unsurprising observation from your counsellor, but it's always good to have it acknowledged from an outside reference point.

  • mankkeli

    Who are those rogues on their writing committee, Somebody should please research that. We need their names and background, I have requested for this several times but everyone on JWN seems to turn deaf hears to the call. Please expose the identity of those villainous crooks . Several clandestine activities and covert operations may be deployed. But it really worths all the efforts.

  • N.drew

    mankkeli Hi! You may join the comedy troop. If there is one. I think the post of reference is under humor, suggesting a new religion to develope. If in case I have not welcomed you yet, welcome, welcome! I'm new too.

  • fokyc
  • InterestedOne

    metatron wrote:

    even the Gestapo, in internal documents found after the war, found the magazines to be well crafted in the field of propaganda.

    Do you have a reference or link for this? I was googling it and had a hard time sifting through the usual stuff about declaration, etc.

  • Greybeard

    When I was in Alaska I really wondered why God would make 1" size mosquitoes. Guess what I did? I put on some mosquito repellent. I was at a beach the same day a person was killed by a great white shark. She was swimming with a group of seals way out from shore. I don't swim with sharks and try to avoid drinking water with parasites or swimming with leaches in piranha infested waters. I am happy we are not running from Tyrannosaurus Rex or 6 foot flying mosquitoes. I try to avoid walking off cliffs and any danger I can. I try to eat right and live a healthy life and that is not easy. Yes there are millions of things in this world that can kill us. It's like a huge video game and you better pay attention or you will be history. Who knows, I wouldn't be surprised if we chose to have our memory erased and be born here! Maybe we get many life's!

    Why can't God create a world like this if he want's to? Could it be to him death does not exist? Could the spark of life go on as the Bible indicates it does? A bird, without any teaching, knows how to build very complicated homes/nests high in the trees to raise it's young. They sit on eggs and turn them then raise their young. Where did they learn to do this? Who programed this into them? Could they have lived before? We can't explain the cycle of life or how it started nor can man create life from non living mater.

    Should God have made a world where there are no cliffs, no dangers at all? Wouldn't people complain about that? Is that the kind of world you would have chosen? Do they make video games like that? Maybe they do but I bet few adults play them.

    A ugly caterpillar with many legs changing into a beautiful butterfly with a few legs and wings that can fly is a inexcusable miracle in my opinion among many.

    I don't want to debate the subject. Been there done that.

    Peace out

  • AnneB

    The keyword for what WT produces in the Writing Department ought to be "rubric". Essentially it means "standard" or "template". One can "write to a rubric", "teach to a rubric", etc. In plain English that means if you have the standards at hand, you can form your publication to fit, or if you are a teacher you can teach your students exactly what they need to know to pass the test.

    Remember all those "experiences" written in the Awake!? They all sounded alike: first a paragraph or two about the person's notable adventure, next a statement like "Before I tell you how I got to this pinnacle of excitement, let me tell you what led up to this point", and then there would be a page or more of mind-numbing details about frolicking in the mountains and noticing Creation or of being raised in terrible surroundings where food was foraged from someone else's trash while lying paralyzed on a skateboard at the same time trying to get an education in a place where the only school was on the other side of a raging river...and uphill both ways! The bio section would conclude with a swift summation of the Bible Study phase and the Baptism, a lengthy list of "privileges" that person had in Jehovah's Organization, then the final portion was dedicated to a description of the blessings only Jehovah's true worshippers would receive on Paradise Earth. That's a rubric. One template; just pour in each and every story. If you've read long enough online, you will have run into statements from people who had stories published and most say the same thing, they didn't print it the way it was handed in. The Writing Dept. is where it gets fitted to the rubric. All the WT publications follow a rubric: make a general statement, pick everyone else's rubrics apart, fill the torn out places with the WT version, then close with the nearness of the blessings to be gained by "doing Jehovah's will". Oops! Almost left out a part: right after the topic is introduced be sure to dwell on how every objection is motivated by evil forces bent on keeping the reader from learning "The Truth". That's the insurance clause, it keeps a person questioning the motives of anyone who doesn't agree.

    Watchtower "writes to a rubric". Jehovah's Witnesses "teach to a rubric". That's what keeps them "united". It isn't because they have the True God's exclusive blessing, it's because most people go through their whole lives never knowing that since childhood all their education has been rubric-based, all the entertainment they've ever experienced has been template-based, every magazine, every book on every subject published, is all pushed, poked, prodded, and fitted into someone else's idea of a mold before it becomes available to the general public. Teachers learn about rubrics in college, journalists have their version, doctors call it "protocols". WT isn't so much devious as they are ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding how to get their message to the people.

    As most here already know, the primary qualification for a higher position in WT is obedience; not skill, not experience, but a willingness to defer to the arrangement. That, too, is a sort of rubric. Once a person internalizes the rubric they are able to carry out all sorts of duties "whole-souled as to Jehovah and not to men". At least that's what they think it is! The unknowing sit back and wonder how "God's people" can be so deceptive! Well, now you know.


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