JW spokesman: We refuse blood, but it's a personal choice

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    Leaving the organisation or any other actions are also a matter of personal choice, with consequences based on the cult organization's policies of course...

  • konceptual99

    I have been aware of the difference in the position on DA/DF for accepting blood for a long time now but I can't remember how I found out. I don't recall anything in any publications other than what's in the latest elders book but I do remember discussion on it when the "change" was reported in the UK press so it may have come from that.

    I double checked the Organised book and that makes no reference to the difference between DF/DA for blood.

    I've not given it much thought but I wonder what the general perception is from R&F witnesses? If people have not been officially made aware then there is no reason that one would not still consider it a DF event.

    The reality of course is the outcome is the same - if you do not demonstrate enough repentance (or the right kind of repentence) in the opinion of the JC then you end up being treated as a pariah. Whenever I hear these statements on it being a personal choice I get really angry as it's such a legalistic, disingenuous statement simply designed to indicate to the outside world that it is without consequence when of course we all know the consequences are massive.

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