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  • TimothyT

    HAHA! I looked out the window and saw a car that belongs to a JW couple who have come to see my dad.

    I decided it was time for another cup of tea , so i decided to make my way downstairs and say hi.

    No response! HAHA!!!

    I made myself a cup of tea, and realised there were two cups just brewing, so i called into the living room: "Dad are these drinks for **** and ****?" He said yes... so i called out to them, "do you have milk and sugar?". Lol... well they responsed! HAHA!!!

    My dad then came in and took the drinks into them. DAMN IT!!! I wanted to do it and see if they would look me in the eye and say thanks!


    Timmy xxx

  • mummatron

    LMAO. Tea is necessary business!

  • cedars

    Timmy - do you think you could talk them into taking my survey??!!!

    That would be so cool, and I would give you eternal respect if you could manage to pull it off....

    Go on, I dare ya!

  • N.drew

    Laughter in the morning, the very best kind! Thank you, and good day everyone!

  • trailerfitter

    I asked her JW friends not to come back after I found out some info out about my wife signing a legal document giving the KH legal powers..Unfortunately,..... They came back the very next week. I was nice however and offered to make tea for them... I really wanted to rim the cups with my finger after it had been somewhere unholy so they'd get a throat infection and never return...I am too nice however and did refrain from anything like that but the thought was there... I just want the WT out of our lives...

  • finallysomepride
  • ssn587

    I don't have them in mine, they don't really care about you as a person they care about you adding to the numbers at the meeting. You can see the non-love when tragedy strikes you, they seem to disappear and after awhile they don't even answer your phone calls which is so ltypical they think support is saying hi at a meeting. They are so delusional in their lack of thought process. They have given up thinking for themselves unless of course they want something from you.

  • N.drew

    ssn587 I think you are not being angry, I believe you are being right. You say "they seem to disappear". I think for some who disappear, it is not because of hypocrisy but they may be being true to "Let You Will Be Done".

    I shall tell a story, it really happened, it's called evidence.

    I did something improper in the field service. Somebody reading this might recognize me. Hi! The sister in my hall where I was, not the hall I "faded" from, was a busybody in other people's affairs. As God is Judge, I am not exaggerating. She was also in good standing as a pioneer and an elders wife, I don't understand it either, but you learn not to question Jehovah's Will. She said something in field service to me implying that my sadness for what my family was going through (the usual disagreement stuff that sometimes turns nasty), was my fault. We had just finished the book of Job, I am a thinking person, so stunned is how I felt. I snapped. (Job was he who was blamed for his problems by something he must have done wrong, by his friends he was blamed). I thought she was doing the same thing to me. I did not like it. Not entirely because she was unchristianly attacking me, but she had been a "Bible Student" most of her life (at the time she might have been pushing 50). All the "how come people just don't get it?" came rushing in to my brain, so I slapped her. It made her cry so I said "I'm sorry". There were witnesses, one sister and two brothers. So as I went along on this journey cause by a milisecond of rage, they called it. Anyway, to make a long story short nobody sided with me (publically-I can't read hearts), and nobody even once tried to get me off the THOUGHT TRAIN I was thrust into. ( That episode of my life made me realize that I am indeed bi-polar). The important part of the judicial decision against me that I should share for a more clear understanding of events is, she was not restricted or censored one bit. Weirded huh? OK I shall explain I am for JUSTICE. I like it! Explained When two sisters fight , even if only one gets physical, they both must be disiplined. Might I add, in whatever many years it was my first offence of anything. I didn't punch her, and it was not in the face. I'm basically a nice person.

    I have a point. If the Jehovah's Witnesses have God's Spirit to do His will, where were they to lend support to me? Has the world really gone far away from real? And if so, why is that a good thing?

  • clarity

    Timmy you are getting soooooo brazen!


    ssn587 -"unless of course they want something from you" -

    or, you are the means to getting close to someone REALLY important!


  • NewChapter

    So they snub you in your father's home and withold a friendly hello---but well now TEA---that's another matter. Soooo funny! Good for you.

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