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  • Gorbatchov

    I am searching for information about the residences of Joseph Rutherford during his Watchtower presidency.

    San Diego (Beth Sarim & Beth Shan) is well known.

    I seek information about his residence at Staten Island (Rossville?) and especially more about rumours about a luxery Central

    Park appartment in New York.

    "We all are alike, but some are more alike then others"


  • cedars

    Atlantis or Marvin Shilmer might be able to help you.

    There is also - they might have something.

  • trailerfitter

    I have seen quite a bit on the internet about these when I was researching the JWs last year,..... a tip is to cashe your search and also look from google images too, you'll be surprised how good an image can yeild something.

    There are scanned documents of ownership of the houses and phohtographs of Rutherford with his 12 cylinder car,... sorry I cannot recall the site names. I will if I come across them again post the links here.

  • clarity

    Gorby, your subject is very interesting to me too!

    I've tried {&failed} to find out about the 'summer' camp, would that have been on Staten Is? Didn't the bethel boys go there for holidays?

    He also had a residence at the farm.

    Hope someone can help.

  • Leolaia
    I am searching for information about the residences of Joseph Rutherford during his Watchtower presidency.

    Rutherford had three residences in California (sequentially), which I have documented in Farkel's Berta & Bonnie thread:

    These are discussed further on the next page of that thread.

    The Staten Island residence was associated with WBBR, wasn't it?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I could be wrong but the place on Staen Island was used by the WTS for their radio station or the house was near it. Try searching for info on WBBR

    The two places in San Diego are pretty well known and there is a lot of info on the net about them.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Found what I was looking for

    In the book Apocalypse Delayed by M. James Penton the author states:

    As far as personal accommodations and creature comforts were concerned, Salter relates that Rutherford lived like a prince or baron of industry. In New York he rented an apartment with luxurious furnishings which Salter estimated as easily worth $10,0000 a year during the Depression. Besides that, the Watch Tower Society president had a 'palatial residence' on Staten Island, 'camoflaged' as essential to the Society's broadcasting station WBBR. Also on Staten Island he maintained a small, secluded residence in the woods where he could isolate himself from the world. Then, too, expensive qyuarters were kept for him in a number of other places including London and, prior to the Nazis' rise to power, in Magdeburg. (p.73)

    For those who don't know Dr. Penton is a very well respected historian and scholar and ex-JW. He has written a few books abotu the JWs and the WTS.

    Salter was a close friend of Rutherford until they had a falling out regardign doctrine. Later he started talking about what he knew about Rutherford's excesses.

  • Atlantis

    There are pictures of Rutherford in this "Messenger" that many have never seen before. - Messenger, 1931 July 26, pp. 24 -38 - Quote: - "Come with us for a little while and see what the Lord has done for his people on Staten Island." - Download - - - Atlantis

  • VM44

    WBBR Postcard

    WBBR was sold in 1957. This is the description on the back of the postcard:

    WBBR Radio Transmitter
    Located on Staten Island, 18 miles from Bethel. Transmitted by telephone line from Brooklyn Bethel, the Kingdom Message radiates from these 411-foot towers on a 1330 kc wave-length to serve its listeners in the Greater New York metropolitan area.

  • Leolaia

    Thank you for making that rare publication avaiable.

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