Pre-written prayer at assembly?

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  • angel.face

    I was at the assembly a little while ago. My baby was acting up during the closing prayer and for the first time I looked up on stage.

    It really looked like the brother was reading the prayer. He had his head turned to one side of the podium where his notes lay. I could be wrong...maybe he wasn't. But in your experience have brothers read pre-written prayers ?

  • baltar447

    I don't think that has been the case in the concentions I've been to, but this could be new, who knows. I was once told NOT to rehearse a prayer, but that was at a KH.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Wouldn't be surprised if a speaker had "notes" for a prayer where he'd be nervous under pressure.

  • LongHairGal


    Perhaps you did see somebody reading something. If so, I don't think it is such a bad idea. Maybe this way you won't get somebody running way, way overtime with a closing prayer!

    I have to tell you there was nothing more annoying to me back in the day as when some brother felt he had to give one of those long-winded speech type of prayers. People want to get the hell out of the stadium or assembly hall and they have to deal with traffic and getting home. I could not stand the inconsiderate attitude of anybody who did not respect the time of hard-working people who sacrificed just to get to these waste-fests. Glad it's in the past.

  • Iamallcool

    it is not illegal for the brothers to do that, I remember one brother wrote a prayer for the wedding because the wedding is a very special occassion. I do not blame him.

  • angel.face

    Not saying there's anything wrong with it.

    It's just that I went to a non-JW wedding reception where someone said grace before dinner and she read the prayer(it wasn't our father but something she wrote on her own). Now the JWs at the wedding were criticizing this woman for reading it. So I assumed that brothers don't do that.

  • outsmartthesystem

    The society degrades Catholicism for reciting prayers "out of mere rote" and therefore completely devoid of feeling. Yet it would not surprise me at all for the society to order that a prayer be read at an assembly because an assembly is ya know.....a big occasion......and it would be best for the brother to recite something that at least SOUNDS loving and heart-felt than for him to screw it up, panic, say something stupid and risk offending or stumbling a brother. would be OK for US to read a prayer....because WE are the true religion, and WE have God's blessing....and God wants to make sure no one gets stumbled. But if someone from another religion reads a prayer, it just shows you how fake they are in their Babylonish worship.

  • ekruks

    In the foreign-language field that I am in (well, go to some meetings so that my family won't cut contact with me)..... often elders would ask members of the congregation to write them a prayer, because they didn't know the language..... bit weird, as hey, the person translating the scripted prayer could insert a few ideas or funny remarks..... seen people say some stupid things, such as an elder thanking people for incorrect answers, or telling them they gave a good answer, unaware that they commented on the wrong paragraph.

  • sir82
    I have to tell you there was nothing more annoying to me back in the day as when some brother felt he had to give one of those long-winded speech type of prayers.

    Or how about the prayers which provide a recap of the whole #$%$^!! assembly program?

    "Oh Jehovah, help us remember the 7 deadly snares that Satan sets for your loyal servants. First there is the trap of materialism, which as our speaker pointed out is deadly and deceptive. The scripture at 1st Timothy hoo hah hah..."

    5 minutes later:

    "And after that 7th point, Jehovah, help us remember the important points of the 6 part symposium which followed, on the evils of a college education. Firstly, let us remember the experience of Brother Weak who wanted to attend a prestigious Ivy League school...."

  • cofty

    I remember a closing prayer at Twickenham, England convention on year. "Jehovah we THANK YOU. In Jesus' name, Amen"

    Nobody could believe it was actually finished and everybody started peeking to see if everybody else was opening their eyes. It was astonishing.

    Most times it ended up being a complete review of the convention programme.

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