Climate change and the WBTS.

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  • african GB Member
    african GB Member

    At this year's DC we heard the org's analysis on climate change and the deteriorating ozone layer. We were told that Jehovah will destroy those who destroy the earth, including those who chop down trees that are supposed to give Oxygen in exchange for our Carbon Dioxide.

    Surely such a big corporation should have done a thourough research and found that they are also culprits. They print millions, if not billions, of literature each year. Perhaps Jehovah will forgive them.But is'nt he supposed to be fair and just.

    Jehovah, please be fair when you come down to kill this destroyers, start with "your own house"!

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Good Point AGBM

  • leavingwt

    According to the SAF, "the country has more trees now than it did in 1920 on approximately the same amount of forestland. It also has the largest legally protected wilderness system in the world, while at the same time sustaining a highly productive and efficient wood products industry."

    . . .

    Until the 1920s, forests were generally logged and abandoned. Now, across the country an average of 1.7 billion seedlings are planted annually. That translates into 6 seedlings planted for every tree harvested. In addition, billions of additional seedlings are regenerated naturally.

  • WTWizard

    Despite what many people say about that manmade global warming is fake, the Washtowel Slaveholdery has taken the side that it is real. Hence, one would assume that they would want to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (that are "supposed to ruin the earth") so they would not get destroyed.

    Here is how they are doing on this count:

    • They waste lots of resources cutting down trees and getting the material transported to their printing facilities.
    • They waste even more energy printing up items, most of which end up in the landfills.
    • They waste huge amounts of energy distributing the items to people, most of whom do not want them. They use the most inefficient way to distribute stuff--going through huge amounts of gas in the process.
    • They waste vast amounts of energy running buildings with the lousiest climate control systems I have ever seen in my life. Air conditioning that rarely works, and people that don't know how to run the damn thermostat, and heat that is rarely in good conditioning--waste.
    • They pollute with dry cleanings of suits.
    • They pollute by getting lunch nearly every day, in Styrofoam cups and boxes as often as not. I believe recycling bins at Kingdumb Hells are even more rare than windows.
    • Their buildings as often as not lack windows, and when there are windows, they have the blinds down. Unnecessary usage of lights results.
    • They waste even more resources throwing away perfectly good things because some idiot makes a rule against them. They make a rule about wearing white shirts, so the colored ones end up in the rubbish. Later, they are again allowed to wear colored shirts. Other things get placed in the rubbish (never donated or recycled) for similar stupidity.
    • They force householders to waste heated or cooled air every time they open a door or window because the witlesses are at their door. This wastes householder money plus results in wasted energy and carbon dioxide in the air.

    As with the Bible, it is that they claim to abide by "sustainability" and bash worldly companies for not being sustainable that leads me to hold them to their own "sustainability". And the way the witlesses are supposed to live is itself not sustainable--it is not sustainable at any level to go on welfare so one can pious-sneer, waste one's whole life doing nothing but going door to door, go on vacation only to have to look for the Kingdumb Hell and do boasting sessions and field circus, dry clean things all the time, put good items in the rubbish because some local hounder decides he doesn't like them, and eat fast, good-tasting poison every single day to stretch those hours. And yet they claim to be the only organization that is sustainable--they really should be judged more harshly than the world.

  • designs

    Producing the Watchtower and Awake each month consumes about 7500 Trees. Why doesn't the Watchtower discuss whatever business relationship they have with Paper suppliers and the forestry management practices of those companies.

  • besty

    some context on deforestation:

    Where is Kudra?

  • ambersun
    We were told that Jehovah will destroy those who destroy the earth, including those who chop down trees that are supposed to give Oxygen in exchange for our Carbon Dioxide.

    This is something that has always bugged me even as a dub! I can remember this subject being raised at a convention many, many years ago and all the thousands of people around me nodding in agreement. Each one of these thousands of pairs of hands were holding literature printed by the WTB&TS, on paper that had come from CHOPPED DOWN TREES!!!!

    Each one of those thousands of people would be going out knocking doors at the earliest opportunity offering more of this printed literature to householders who would most probably walk straight to the nearest bin and dump it as soon as the door was closed.

    I would also have visions of visits to the WT printing works where they proudly showed off the enormous reams of paper waiting to be printed into literature that was just stating the same propoganda over and over again.

    Why could no-one else see the irony except for me?

  • finallysomepride

    Where does their E-Waste go? just watched Australian SBS report on western world dumping their recycle electronic in Ghana

  • Alfred

    ... not to mention all the carbon dioxide they generate at district convention and circuit assembly parking lots...

  • sizemik

    Paperwasters . . . even dunny paper has more value than what they kill trees for.

    The total carbon footprint created by them . . . is simply a prime example of a total waste of resources with no beneficial return . . . at all.

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