Learning to pray again

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  • Cinciguy74

    So, one of the things that is catching me off guard is that I have forgotten how to pray.

    As a JW we were all told to pray, but when we really look at it, the prayers are just as structured and mind numbing as those of the Catholic church reciting the rosary.

    What caught my attention was Stephen at Act 7:59 where he calls on Jesus (not Jehovah) to receive him. He prayed to Jesus.

    Yet, as a JW, the prayers you always here begin like this: "Jehovah God, our loving heavenly father..." and end in "in Jesus name, Amen"

    I am finding that these opening and closing remarks are really thought stoppers/starters for JWs. And it disturbs me that something that should be the most intimate form of communication becomes this exercise in thought conditioning.

    So now, I am trying to learn to pray again, and to break those old molds. And it is hard.

  • PSacramento

    Pray from your heart, pray with love and pray with honesty and you will never go wrong.

    As a christian, I direct my prayers at my Beloved Father, through His Son, My Lord and Saviour.

    My prayers tend to be one of giving thanks or just talking with Christ, asking for strength and patience and help with being a better father, husband, a better and more loving person.

    God KNOWS what we NEED and knows better then we do HOW to give it to us, trust in God and Christ and let your prayers reflect that Love and trust.

  • tec

    So now, I am trying to learn to pray again, and to break those old molds. And it is hard.

    It IS hard. I know. I still struggle sometimes. But as Psac said, pray from your heart. Whatever is in your heart. Even if its confusion about not knowing how to pray, or frustration. Ask for help with those. Ask for understanding while you struggle through. God and His Son understand.

    Peace to you,


  • Bella15

    I relate to you ... I realized how structured my prayers as a JW were, like a robot, always in a hurry and just something to check off the list of the TO DO things, or to be seen and perceived as "spiritual" . After 40 years of praying to "Jehovah" I found myself mute, literally, I couldn't even formulate the same words, my mouth, my lips felt lazy, it felt like vomit, so unnatural. BUT then I started to pray like Jesus taught - to the Heavenly Father, I also learned to pray from the Scriptures and to really pray/talk to God about anything related to my life, emotions, needs. I also learned to praise God and truly from the bottom of heart say thanks, I learned to say I love you God. I learned to feel part of God's family, I am his daughter and He is my Heavenly Father. I learned that my suffering and struggle was because I have not realized and believe that I am God's creation, I am his daughter in Christ, I have an inheritance from Him, HE IS MY FATHER above all, then because I choose to worship him HE IS ALSO MY GOD - AN NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME NOW.

    I have also noticed the Apostles faith and relationship with Jesus, from then I learned to talk to Jesus, to also ask him for things, most of the mornings I say "Good morning Heavens!!!" meaning everybody up there. I am not afraid of thinking about God, Jesus, all the Angels, and feel part of the family with the diference that I am still here on earth. I ask God to appoint angels over me and my children to keep us safe. So my prayer life brings me real happiness, hope and the power to do things.

  • PSacramento

    Beautifully stated Bella :)

  • N.drew

    Bella that is lovely. If you blog or facebook, you might share it that way It is a good expression. Nice!

  • dontplaceliterature

    I haven't prayed once in my life and actually thought anyone would listen or react. I'm sure that prayer is mostly an act of self pacification in an effort to bring mind over matter within our own lives.

  • sabastious

    Talk to yourself like you would normally within your mind with the intent of segwaying into a prayer. Don't worry, if you believe God is listening he/she/it heard you before your communication was deemed an "official" prayer.


  • Violia

    Yes I understand. I had the same issues- I found it disconnecting to pray to Jesus. I have found that some of the xjws who go straight to a Fundy religions do not seem to understand this. That turns me off as much as jws did.

  • mythreesons

    I know exactly how you feel! It's crazy how repetitive praying was as a JW. I do like some of the above comments, it seems like its simply whatever works for the individual.

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