Help out my son's band?

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  • sizemik

    Ok folks . . . it's a bit of an unusual invitation . . . and it's purely VOLUNTARY

    So here's how it goes . . .

    My son's band (Shed 31) has an opportunity to open for an Australasian Band currently on tour called I AM GIANT. All they need to do is muster enough votes on the I AM GIANT Facebook page. In order to register your vote, you simply need to visit the I AM GIANT Facebook page and type in the comment "Shed 31 for Christchurch."

    This could be a good break for them.

    They narrowly missed out on the last tour. They are a pretty good outfit, and if you want to sample their music first, visit . . .

    or check this out . . .

    Thanks for your help

  • cedars

    I'll vote for anything called steel apocalypse!

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    DONE.....looks like a lot of votes for Killshot Medics...what are they like?....maybe I'll change my vote...

    Na....just kidding

  • sizemik

    Thanks guys and gals . . .

    Vote count ATM . . . 56 for Shed 31 . . . 39 for Killshot Medics . . . plus a few others.

    It's close . . . last tour they missed out by 3 votes (arrrgh)

  • mummatron


  • NewChapter

    DONE! I hope they get it Size.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Cant see where to vote (migraine) help...

  • sizemik

    You guys are awesome . . . my son is actually quite a good composer. He wrote the song in the vid above. The band has written over 50 original songs . . . and have only ever done a couple of Metallica covers while gigging.

    They've been together unchanged for about 4 years and are now pretty tight . . . they would love to get an opening spot like this.

    If they get to play the concert . . . I'll tape and post it.

    Thanks again.

    ED; Paula . . . type I AM GIANT (in capitals) into your FB search engine . . . and then simply post "Shed 31 for Christchurch" on their wall.

  • finallysomepride

    Done, glad to help

  • palmtree67


    As a fellow rock'n'roll parent, I'm happy to support him!

    Here is my son's band. He's the drummer.

    "Rocket Rider" is their single on the radio right now.

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