A Beautiful Essay

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  • Quendi

    This experience you have shared with us, Magwitch, only deepens my love, appreciation, and respect for you. Although we have known each other for a long time, I did not know what you and your children were enduring and suffering at the hands of this cult. I am so pleased that all three of you are now free and I also am happy that your daughters are getting on in life. I'm certain that Alexa will benefit many other people she will meet due to the education she has received and the sterling example you have set. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming essay with all of us.


  • mrmusicmr

    that's nice. Thanks for your share.

  • torn in two son
    torn in two son

    Nice to see such a broad world view from such a young writer. Also nice that she didn't name JW's. A high-control religion is a high-control religion. Doesn't matter what particluar brand it is.

    om (posting from torn in two son's account)

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