Member of Parliament's reply to my email regarding "Mentally Diseased" Watchtower

by Amelia Ashton 16 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • ekruks

    If you want to write to a politician, you seriously must....

    1. as sizemilk wrote above, look for a politician that is ideal for these matters - experience in religious extremism, etc. - he will have experience, so be easier for him to take it on, and hopefully also a passion - the last one is probably more important !

    2. don't just send one letter...... don't even get a petition..... get as many people as you can from this forum to blitz this guy, each sending a letter.... it will have more impact; will catch attention.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    He is right, it's the last call they can make before resorting to violence.

    I normally reckon that I have won the argument when people resort to name calling and personal insults - nuff said

  • sizemik
    I think on reading that seeds have been sown and things like this people remember. . . . trailerfitter

    I agree . . . action is not usually likely from a Politician . . . their weaseling ability is second only to the likes of the WTB&TS. Like the WTB&TS . . . they have to see some benefits for them, before they get excited. But making them repeatedly aware will seed the ground for a future development.

    WTS transgressions are best tackled through the legal system first. All their bad publicity emmanates from this source . . . blood transfusion court orders, child molestation lawsuits etc. If the WTS transgress in print . . . the legislature is still the best place to start. Human rights legislation is becoming more expansive . . . there are even lobby groups who will provide assistance when going down the legislation route.

    This is how the bad publicity emerges IMO . . . legislature, followed by Media interest (with a little help), followed by Govt. representatives (they like a Media issue) . . . but that to me seems the order of progression.

  • trailerfitter

    What is quite ironic, as sizemilk states is the lawsuits and the scandals have generated bad publicity yet the organisation still survives taking in new members. They manage to fool and beguile far too often.

    I did notice with my wifes brianwashing that Satan was against the organisation right from the very start. Confronting her with the mentally diseased new article today she straight away acted as if the article had been worded wrong or it just wasn't true and hand been penned by Satans hand uncomforting is that??

    In this age of almost instant news and information aquistion how is it they still manage to con people??

  • wobble

    Many people are lazy, they like their opinions formed for them by someone else, and decisions made for them by someone else.

    People lke that are ripe for picking by cults and extreme groups, they will always be around, the gullible, the willfully ignorant, and those who cannot get by without a sky-daddy, hence the WT will not disappear any time soon, despite the big hole in their bucket, they are awash with the feebleminded trying to dive in.

  • clarity

    Many have said that the WBTS is running scared.... the MP's words give added weight to that!


    "I normally reckon that I have won the argument when people resort to name calling and personal insults!"

  • JWdaughter

    The point was made that it is not usually one letter that politicians pay attention to: it's a movement. There needs to be a MASS of letters, articles, issues, suits, whatever-THEN politicians will feel compelled to act.

    I would also like to compliment the MP simply for responding with such a thoughtful letter. Even if it all adds up to 'not much', he actually was paying attention and that is one straw on the back of the camel. We just need a lot more of them!

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