Bill O'Reilly to retire

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  • NewChapter

    BillO is the messiah?

  • Farkel

    : BillO is the messiah?

    Your argument applied to him and the Messiah. To say it only applies to Bill and not the Messiah is a logical fallacy called "special pleading."

    If you've learned anything, it should be this: you need to make a better argument. There are too many smart people on this board who won't be fooled by silly analogies.

    I'm one of them. YOU are the newbie who has just been spanked. Consider it a compliment and a favor.


  • NewChapter

    I didn't make the comment about the sacred and BillO. Just found the reference to Christ funny. Jon Stewart is my messiah.

  • ProdigalSon

    O'Reilly is a talking head Neocon shill... a Pharisee of the highest order desperately trying to preserve the status quo.... soon he will implode from his own negative energy.

  • slimboyfat

    About time what a twit that man is.

  • Adiva

    In one of his fireside chats, President Roosevelt alluded to the conservatives in his day that said if social security and other programs were allowed to come into existence (or not discontinued, I forget which) they would leave the country. He said to them 'bye, we'll miss you'.


  • ranmac

    Im sure there are plenty of hate filled bile spouters willing to take his place

  • sammielee24

    I found this - don't really know O'Donnell well, but as a counter - .and for those that don't want to view a cut and paste article, please move along.......sammies


    O’Donnell demolishes O’Reilly’s tax ‘lies’

    • Posted on 09.21.11
    • By Andrew Jones

    In response to Bill O’Reilly indicating he may quit his job if his taxes are raised, Lawrence O’Donnell emphasized how the Fox personality banked on “his audience’s gullibility” to believe his “lying.”

    On The Last Word Monday evening, the progressive opinion host corrected O’Reilly’s claim that President Obama would raise his taxes, reminding O’Reilly that it’s Congress’ job and not the president who raises tax rates.

    “O’Reilly has to lie about everything in that statement in order to make it credible to his audience, whose gullibility he has precisely calculated in the lies he has loaded into that sentence,” the MSNBC host said.

    O’Donnell than proceeded to expose O’Reilly’s belief that he wouldn’t be able to continue working if taxes were raised back to levels seen during the Clinton administration, pointing out that O’Reilly came into his wealth and fame during that period of time.

    “He knows his audience doesn’t know that tax rates are not up the president. And he knows his audience doesn’t know that no one is proposing a tax rate of 50 percent. And he knows his audience doesn’t know that Bill O’Reilly very happily started doing The O’Reilly Factor and became a multi-millionaire when the top tax bracket was 39.6 percent, the bracket he is so fearful of now.”

    “O’Reilly has actually already proven what he would already do if the top tax bracket goes to where it was under President Clinton, 39.6 percent. O’Reilly would do the The O’Reilly Factor every night and get richer, and richer, and richer. ”

    WATCH: Video from MSNBC, which appeared on September 21, 2011.

  • talesin

    NC --- I live in Canada, so yes, it's a premium. Also, Fox News is NOT available.


    I do hope you get the irony of my words and what it says about your opinion in this matter.

    By the way, if you've ever bothered to read the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised if King George III said, "nothing is sacred to that man."

    see above, and note the Cdn. flag on my profile -- I have neither the obligation nor the desire to read the US Constitution. Please consider yourself spanked. :D

    And no, I don't get the irony ? maybe one would have to be American to get it in this instance, b/c I'm usually pretty good with irony. If you've ever heard O'Reilly, he likes to kick the lowest when they are down, and he is a big fat liar. Making fun of mentally challenged people, for example, I consider sacrilege. But we can differ on that point, and I have no problem with it. :)


  • Farkel

    prodigal son,

    You said:

    : O'Reilly is a talking head Neocon shill... a Pharisee of the highest order desperately trying to preserve the status quo.... soon he will implode from his own negative energy.

    It is one thing to hurl invective. It is quite another to present evidence.

    I challange you to produce the latter, because the former is mere invective.

    Wanna play? Then produce your evidence, because unless you do, your other crap is bullshit, and I will personally make sure this board knows about it.

    By the way, if you do NOT produce the evidence that substantiates your claims, I will make note of it and dog you forever in all of your political threads.

    I mean this.


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