Question about 607/587

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  • Farkel

    : There are no dates in the Bible. Therefore, we have a relative chronology

    Your answer is in that link.


  • cedars

    Doug - an excellent summary. I also enjoyed your critique, although I have yet to pour over it in detail. What is truly astonishing is that, in the recent series of articles, the Society has continued to "tie itself to the mast" over 607 / 1914 rather than distancing itself - surely the logical and indeed humble course of action. As has been pointed out on numerous occasions, the WTS has far too much vested interest in its claims concerning 607 BCE, and it will do anything it can to reinforce its highly questionable reasoning, even embellishing it with falsehood if necessary. It's a shame that the recent WT articles will have doubtless convinced many Witnesses to drop any doubts they may have once held about 607 BCE, such is the dogmatic, evasive, arrogant and assured way in which they are written.

  • sizemik

    Interesting thread Farkel . . . informative and entertaining.

    I think the most informative thing I learned was that Lars has about a dozen aliases . . . has been around here for donkeys ages . . . and still can't get his browser to work. Nevertheless, I feel his most intelligent contributions lie in this thread.

    I guess that's the long term effect of being annointed with used motor oil.

  • Farkel


    : Nevertheless, I feel his most intelligent contributions lie in this thread.

    Nay. Lars (and his zillions of aliases) and I have battled for at least a dozen years. "Intelligent contributions" and Lars is an oxymoron.

    :I guess that's the long term effect of being annointed with used motor oil.

    Yep. In a dumpster while he was dressed up as Diana Ross, no less. Sure. I'm gonna pick THAT guy as my Messiah!



  • Dutch-scientist

    Doug hit the bullseye,

    Readers need to read in the own historical filosophie from the WTS. That means pay not attention on the facts but create doubt and play with feelings.

    A lot of half truths is a big lie at the end.


  • outsmartthesystem

    I won't rehash everything. But the point of the matter is that 587BC doesn't disagree with the bible at all. It disagrees with the WATCHTOWER SOCIETY'S INTERPRETATION of the bible. They interpret Jeremiah 25:11 and 12 to apply only to Jerusalem.......that Jerusalem would be destroyed AND it would remain desolate for 70 full years. They believe the 70 years ended in 537BC (Somehow 2 years AFTER the Babylonian dynasty fell). They travel back in time from 537BC ....70 years 607BC. And that's when they think Jerusalem fell. 587BC would only make 50 years. Therefor it all comes down to HOW THEY INTERPRET the scripture.

    That's what pisses me off about them. They said it comes down to secular history vs the bible.....but that's not true. It is secular history vs THEIR INTERPRETATION!

    Damn. I guess I did rehash everything.

  • CyrusThePersian

    There are no dates in the Bible. Therefore, we have a relative chronology.

    This isn't 100% true. There are three places where the Bible presents an actual accurate date--and one corresponds to a 587 BCE date for Jerusalem's destruction. All three dates are in the book of Zechariah. The one that's important for this discussion is Zech. 1:7 --"On the twenty-fourth day of the eleventh month, that is, the month of Shebat, in the second year of Darius ..." which would be exactly February 15, 519 BCE. On this date Zechariah received a vision wherein an angel asks, "How long O Lord will you not show mercy to Jerusalem and the cities of Judah, whom you have denounced these seventy years?"(v.12)

    Why is this important? Do the math. Seventy years from 519 BCE is 589 BCE--certainly close enough to the actual date of Jerusalem's destruction date of 587 BCE -according to modern scolarship, and nowhere near the Watchtower's date of 607 BCE.


  • thetrueone
  • thetrueone

    Not to pull off topic here but it seems to me that 1914 to Russell was much more of value to him as by using this date produced much

    more attention to his own published works and to himself for that matter, call it a marketing catch.

    It was around the time that he was living and the people who would come to listen to him at his public talks.

    The apparent facts are, ancient Jerusalem was finally destroyed along with the holy temple in 587,

    the total amount of years from the start to end of captivity by Babylon, was approximately 70 years.

    The WTS has always spun or fabricated their own doctrines to suit their own specific needs.

    The WTS also likes to defame people who oppose their expressed doctrines. Their bible understanding and interpretations are always right, anyone else

    who objects to their interpretations is being deliberately confused by Satan.

  • thetrueone

    Of course the WTS will and would try to spin information to vilify their purposed date, if they dont they loose all

    credibility as the said chosen organization.

    With that much at stake and with all they have self proclaimed openly to the public, its not surprising at all that they would be intellectualy dishonest.

    As in most religions there are usually a foundation of established agreed to set of lies to create a semblance of power and control over others.

    In case of the WTS and the JWS these were also created as to attract attention and to further proliferate the WTS's literature.

    God didn't choose the WTS., the WTS. choose themselves for profiting and self empowerment reasons.

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