Timothy Brachmanis Con Man Extraordinaire

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  • sizemik

    Another JW con-man from Australia . . .

    My inquiries have established that this particular con-man served at the Australian Bethel. He was also a member of the Cabramatta congregation in NSW, Australia, among others.


    The heat came on after he conned a Sydney lotto winner out of $993,792 . . . so he headed for San Diego, California, USA, where his "exploits' continued. Although, by this stage I understand he had been disfellowshipped. His American exploits can be seen in the following blog sight set up in his honour, and date as recently as Aug 2010 . . .


    It would appear from his FB page that his story continues unabated

    This will be old news to some . . . a bit of an eye-opener to others.

    Some posters here may be able to add to the story?

  • sizemik

    Nobody from Australia or San Deigo California recall this individual?

  • transhuman68

    I remember the bank... Citibank had almost no security checks to stop people opening bogus accounts with them. They were a useless bunch of pricks.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Never heard of this, or the JW in question.

  • jwfacts

    I vaguely remember Timothy Brachmanis and also his brother. I am not sure if it was Tim or his brother that used to help at bethel at times. His brother married a lovely Vietnamese sister and they spent time overseas where the need was great. I spoke to the sister in law about it once and she was very ashamed about what had happened.

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