Evolution 2.0

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  • sizemik
    But are we READY for it?
    And what are the consequences of it?

    I personally feel that the understanding and manipulation (editing) of the genetic code is one of the most positive areas of scientific advancement in history. As with everything . . . there is always the potential for abuse. But it's hard to see this outweigh the advantages. It could be the one area of scientific advancement that has the most beneficial implications for the human race . . . ever.

    Who knows . . . it might even identify and eradicate the genetic cause of the rise of dangerous religious cults.

  • NewChapter

    This has been some of the most exciting research ever. We cannot hide behind a screen of uncertainty and fear---but we must press forward. We must make ourselves ready---and answer questions as we go.


  • PSacramento

    I hear you guys and this hits home far more than you can imagine.

    Nevertheless, my concerns are for how something liek this can be "twisted".

    Will this be something for only those that can afford it?

    Will the benefits tha outweight any potential cons motivate people to "play God" without thinking through the consequences?

    Will readicating the "cancer gene" awken a new one? or cause some issue in the WHOLE of the genetic code?

    I am sure that these are questions that are being asked and studied already, I have no doubts about that or about the great intentions of those researchers, but its not THEM that I worry about.

    Genetic manipulation to cure diseases, yes.

    Genetic manipulation to prevent diseases, yes.

    For ALL and NOT just the rich, 100% YES.

    Genetic manipulation for the "right" gender?

    Genetic manipulation for the "right" physical attributes?

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