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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    As said, there is a LOT of information that is potentially retrievable if you have enough power. Depending on your level, there are people that do this for a living, they're called white-hat hackers who do it with permissions (eg. to test the defenses), black hat hackers who do it without permissions (and usually low-level targets for fun and money - they also occassionally get caught) and spies (and 3-letter agencies) in cyberwarfare and they've had years of training and are usually backed by a large enough hand behind them that even if they are found out, nobody will hurt them.

    Just changing your MAC address will NOT help. Your system also has a certain fingerprint and given enough logging, you can match that with a certain amount of certainty. So you need at the very least untraceable burners.

    The matter of fact is that even civilians have very good sattelite and other reconaissance by either large companies (Google (Maps, Street View, Latitude, ...), Facebook (Location API and Facial Recognition), ...) as well as amateurs have access to drone's and small (toy) planes with camera's, GPS, cell phones, HD camera's in wrist watches and glasses. Imagine what a well-organized manhunt could have access to.

    There are off course a lot of low-level criminals that get away with a lot (murder for instance) but those are usually inconsequential to the rest of the world. Given enough resources and will power others are easily found out (try building a nuclear fusion core or large enough explosive device in your basement without getting noticed).

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    yeah, always depends on what you are doing. if they are seriously looking for you, they'll try to recognize patterns. like who in that area accesses a specific website or service. and next time you are wardriving, they just might have a few cameras or a swat team on your favourite spot. but if you really are this high profile, web anonymity is one of your lesser problems. most people who want to remain anonymous for some reason and don't have access to codes of nuclear warheads, have a pretty high level of anonymity when using certain methods.

    a few more tips: use different user agent strings. firefox for example has a few add ons that let you define custom user agent strings or use common strings like ie9/windows. clear your cookies. use truecrypt with a hidden container for sensitive data, just in case. hidden containers are untraceable and need a special password to be uncrypted. you still can give away the password for the outer container to the law enforcement/terrorists/whoever is threatening you, just make sure to put a few pieces of sensitive data in there as well, like your credit card data or your last will or whatever. use virtual credit cards or cash cards on the web. buy a vpn service using some form of anonymos payment like cash, ukash etc. there are a few more tips but they are pretty much black hat (or grey hat).

  • the-illuminator81

    If you're logging into the same google account, google of course knows you are the same person.

    Sites can track you based on a couple of unique identifiers sent by the browser. The browser tells a HTTP server what screen resolution you are running on, what version of the browser you have, what OS you have, your general location by IP address, browser plugins you may or may not have loaded and fonts available to display text. Certain browser settings can be tested for with javascript. All this information can be used to uniquely identify you even without cookies. Then they can also pattern match with your behaviour online. They may know you always visit a couple of sites in a certain order or at a certain time. They know what user names you log on with if you dont use SSL/HTTPS.

    All this information is only used to display the right advertisements but still.. the authorities could subpoena this information. Luckily the WTS can't.

    Another thing that sites can use to track you is flash cookies. Be sure to kill your flash cookies as well, or disable flash entirely. You can delete them here:

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