Favorite games and toys as a kid

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  • Leolaia
  • ScenicViewer

    I can smell the glove leather now.

  • Farkel

    All I had was the "From Paradise Lost to Paradise Restored" book to "play" with. It terrified me, which is why men in white frocks take care of me now and give me pills which keep me from killing and eating people.

    Farkel, Fred Franz CLASS

  • not bitter
    not bitter

    My favourite was the Fisher Price Snoopy dog that you pull along on his red and white lead. My mum says people always knew when I was coming because they could hear me coming up the road with my wooden dog.

    My mum gave him away when I got older but a few years back she bought me one off ebay to give to my daughter. He's very battered and worn but she loves him - but not as much as I do

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I can't believe no one's mentioned LEGO:

  • ScenicViewer

    Farkel said, "All I had was the "From Paradise Lost to Paradise Restored" book to "play" with. It terrified me..."

    Now that is funny! Glad I wasn't in until I had experienced at least part of a normal childhood. I can imagine some Witness kids with nothing but their books to play with.

  • scary21

    I loved.....cut-outs.....you know where you have a paper doll and lots of clothes you cut out...they have tabs you fold over to keep them on .

    And how about color forms......you peel things off....and place them on a board..........pick up sticks.......Mr. potato head....(chutes and ladders....and

    candy land ) both great games.........I think they are still around

  • straightshooter

    I enjoyed playing hide and seek. I also enjoyed making and flying paper airplanes.

  • JeffT

    Growing up as a kid in the fifties I was pretty much a warmonger in training. I had an assortment of plastic weapons from kives to machine guns (no I was not a JW). Also numerous models and plastic soldiers that refought any number of wars. Swimming in the summer and sledding in the winter.

    Leoleia: when Teddy Ruxpin came out my wife was working at Toys R Us. Somebody on the staff broke the floor model so they wouldn't have to listen to it.

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