Watchtower says saying "despicable fool" is same as saying "apostate"

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  • EntirelyPossible

    Yeah, the WT says a LOT of dumbass things.

  • lifestooshort

    WOW! I have been considering this for 5min and it hard to wrap my mind around this!

  • sabastious

    The term "empty-headed" must have had a very specific meaning to the people who read/listened to Jesus use of it. Absence of a brain is not something that can easily be fixed so the term seems to be a way of describing a permanent state. One where the the organ is active, but the cognitive abilities are absent or greatly diminished. I don't believe that Jesus was using the term to describe a burst of anger resulting in an ad hominem fallacy. Anger is a temporary state and one cannot become "empty-headed" only for an instant. Jesus seems to be describing an attitude that could completely envelope a human mind and eventually leave behind a destructive machine hell bent on validating itself. I agree with Jesus' assessment, sounds criminally insane to me.


  • sd-7

    Well, that is very interesting. Then isn't the Society thus condemning themselves, as they routinely use such terms about sincere people who just happen to disagree with their teachings? Intriguing.

    So are you really new here? That's very insightful. You've obviously got a keen mind. Keep using it.


  • sabastious

    sd-7 if you haven't read it already I believe the OP is the writer of this very awesome blog:


  • Terry

    So, am i missing something here?

    The scripture is (in view of the Watchtower application of "apostate") admonishing true christians to NOT call a person APOSTATE.

    And yet, they DO.

    I guess they are in danger of hellfire. Unless I'm missing something.

  • Mickey mouse
  • trueblue

    There was a senile old man following me around at meetings and kinda imbarrasing me and telling me things about the elders and then call the elders and say that I am talking about the elders, he was just driving me nuts and following me to work and did not know how to tell him you know don't follow me to work something could fly by and take your stupid head off, but any way I tried to get the elders to help me get him away from me without hurting the old man's feeling, I knew there was no way to get the man to understand and come to find out the elders are nuts too. They counceled me the scriptures about you despicable fool and all that crap and the crap just cuntinued. I left and contacted the old man's familly... You know they have a place in the mental ward for people like that that will not stop bothering people, I will report it to the DHS and you better take care of your familly because the elders are not doing a very good job and letting him run at least a half a dozen other people off. He was practicing simony and they all know he has money is why they keep him there.

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