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  • cedars

    headisspinning - I appreciate your concerns, I will include the statement "I went against Watchtower policy on a certain issue" in the list of reasons for being disfellowshipped. I had hoped this was already encompassed by the answer "I disagreed with the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses", but (for example) if someone accepts a blood transfusion, they AREN'T breaking a bible command, and they AREN'T necessarily disagreeing with the Governing Body (because they may simply not want to die). Valid point.

    As far as feedback is concerned, I don't believe I'm being overly hasty, because I have posted all the questions precisely so that we CAN get some feedback before posting the survey live. I've been on this forum long enough to know that if I started a thread entitled "what 9 questions should go on my survey?" I would get bombarded with a variety of answers, some genuine, some tongue-in-cheek, some offensive to JWs, and some gibberish. Since I am more than capable (and have sufficient knowledge of JWs) to put together a draft survey and open it up for feedback, I thought it would be better to do things this way round instead. You have already highlighted that this is a good way of doing things by helping me to revise the disfellowshipping question, thank you.

    Also - I have emailed Barbara Anderson to give her the opportunity to draft her own questions relating to the issues of paedophilia in the organization, since she is an expert on the subject. I haven't had a response yet, but I thought I would mention this to show that I am actively seeking feedback.

  • AndersonsInfo

    I'm all for this online survey idea and will support it on my website www.watchtowerdocuments.com when the draft is finalized. Presently, I like what I see and know with some tweaking the survey will be more than acceptable in appearance and in content to adequately fill our needs.


  • cedars

    Thanks Barbara! I will be discussing a strategy for rolling out the survey with RayPublisher tomorrow night. I'm hoping it gets as much publicity as possible, and we will certainly be delighted to have excellent websites such as yours associated with this project.

  • Cadellin

    Cedars, brilliant idea. I'll take the survey when its ready.

  • headisspinning

    Sounds great, Cedars.

    I re-read what I said and I hope it didn't come across as critical. I didn't mean it that way... or at least nothing more than CONSTRUCTIVE criticism but in a positive way!

    This really is a GREAT idea~!

  • cedars

    Cadellin - thanks for your support! I will be updating this thread once the survey is online.

    headisspinning - no worries, I didn't view your post as being critical at all, you raised some valid issues! It's great to have people like yourself who care about these matters, and who are willing to contribute to these sorts of ideas. I will always value your input.

  • clarity

    Cedars, good for you!

    I admit I'm a bit tired today but, reading your opening comments it is not clear to me what exactly the goal or objective is.

    I know, iknow ... to expose watchtower hate/false doctrine. You put it very well, but could we make it more simple and to the point?


    "It is difficult to express to outsiders and media etc{ the sheer magnitude of the idealogical war that is being waged by the Society} against "apostates" without having firm numbers at our disposal "

    and -" idealogical oppression "


    What is this war and oppression, and what does it look like?

    Would everyone understand what this is, and what you are trying to do?


    Btw, I'm in!


  • cedars

    The survey is now online! I will post a separate thread with the link...

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