Selective Memory

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  • mankkeli

    The reason why JWs deny those flip-flop doctrinal dogmas is because those changes are not really relevant to their day-to-day life, they exact zero effect on any major decision made by an average JW. Most of them see those explanations as another evidence of the GB intellectualism and a manifestation of divine backing and thats all. No meaning is attached to it beyond the platform.

    Recently, I have been expressing my doubts to a number of JWs and quite a few share the same sentiment that all the recent flip-flops are becoming unbearable, some lament over unnecessary emphasis of scriptures with questionable applications, many are troubled by the willfull manipulation to suit doctrinal line and the cunning explanation to keep up the pace of extortion. but what would they do?

  • moomanchu

    With my parents I have to teach them what the Watchtower teaches

    so that I can teach them what the Watchtower teaches is wrong.

    lotta teachin gets to be tirin !!!!

  • DesirousOfChange

    1975? Who said anything about 1975?

    According to a comment at the WT lesson at the KH we were visiting last week, it was apostates that made all the false claims about 1975.

    YEP! That's what was said. (WTF?) The elder conducting let it go as fact.


  • never been happier
    never been happier

    Hi all,

    i,m new to the forum,having spent 18 happy yrs as a witness and now in my 3rd happy yr as an ex-witness,thanks to the UN.

    Anyway,you are dead right about the selective memory,it turns out to be a common trait of people who have been mentally conditioned for long periods,you could call it brain washing,the effects are just about the same.What they do when confronted with a scenario that threatens their conditioned world view,is bring down whats called a mental "slide".They don't know they are doing it.I was taking a book study group a few yrs ago(the assigned elder was held up so it fell to me to step up) and when i mentioned the society's interpretation of the "dragnet" from a WT 10 yrs before, not one person recalled it.Not even the elder when he turned up and took over.I bumped in to a bro and sis in a shop and got talking, i told them about the UN debacle and the sis started shaking her head and kept saying "never,never,never" and getting close to losing control,i was amazed at her reaction,complete mental short-circuit.

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