Pat Robertson says divorce your spouse if they have Alzheimer's

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  • Berengaria

    I shall stay here and fight Monkey!!! But when the feces hits the fan, I may be knocking on your door

    One of our candidates.................

  • shamus100

    Fighting for what? You're going to change the way people think on an ex-jw board?

    Come, child, have you not understood what kiss the monkey really means?

  • Berengaria

    No silly I mean stay in America. I'm not running off to Canada where everything is roses and kittens.

  • shamus100

    It's not roses and kittens up here, child, but there is enough weed for your hippie butt to roll around in for the rest of your life. You do realize that 25% (allegedly) of British Columbia's income is from marijuana? Wow, eh? All that dope. Oh, and majic mushrooms too. Paradise.

  • Berengaria

    LOL!! Good for you, but this Hippie type is happy in No. Cal, where we have spectacular wine! I don't care for the MJ

  • Joliette

    What a right winged idiot!

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Did you listen CAREFULLY? He said divorce was OK if your significant other is a Liberal and you are a Republican....

    It makes sense...

  • sherylB

    When a spouse has Alzheimer's disease, specialists agree that they need all the adoring assistance they can get. However, as Christian Broadcasting Network chairman Rev. Pat Robertson told “700 Club” viewers Tues, separating from a partner with Alzheimer's is sensible. He went on to convey he wouldn't “put a guilt trip” on the non-Alzheimer's spouse, since the disease is “a type of death”. Pat Robertson says divorcing Alzheimer’s patient is OK but I disagree with him. When being cared for by a spouse, the love of that spouse is often what enables a person with Alzheimer’s disease to continue on and not feel abandoned. Inevitably, relationships involving the Alzheimer’s patient will be strained, as the demands of care can tax the best caregivers. In the event that the caregiver is a spouse, the loss of intimacy and romance can be difficult to overcome. However, with new technologies for early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease in development, there is hope, however small. That alone may be enough to help sufferers and their caregivers hold on and block out the bleating, hypocritical televangelists.

  • nateb

    So much for "family values".

  • talesin

    designs, you beat me to it! I was thinking of Gingrich as well.

    Pat Robertson, what a nutbar! also, to coin a US military term,,,, FUBAR!!!

    t /

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