I saw a sad sight yesterday.

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  • jookbeard

    exactly Wobble , how many normal stand up members of a local community would even look twice at a stupid old idiot like the nut job you describe, hardly great WTS PR is it?

    The strange thing is the most efficient way of cold canvassing anything is probably through "street work" yet the WTS pay such little attention to it, all the "street work" campaigns that I ever done as a Dub always "died a death" after a week or so , yet they still traipse around doing stupid door knocking work which achieves nothing or walking/driving to one end of a territory to another doing RV's which achieve equally nothing as well, strange stupid backward thinking cult.

  • Ding

    One time I saw an old man standing in the middle of a block in Chicago holding a WT and an Awake in his hand.

    He didn't try to talk to passersby... just held the mags out and said nothing.

    Five hours later he was still there.

    He probably reported an incredible number of hours every month without actually talking to anyone or getting anyone to take the literature.

  • ShirleyW

    Hey Ding

    Just about a similar story to yours, only change the location to New York City, four or five sisters trying to get their time in during their lunch hour at one of the most busiest subway stations, Rockefeller Center, however, although they were inside near the turnstiles, do you think they positioned themselves at the most busiest entrance to the station . . . ? Of course not, they planted their lazy asses near an entrance that is busy during rush hour, but is so dead for the rest of the day (including lunch time) that they close off the turnstiles with a gate! I'm sure they are in a very joyous mood when they get to count all that time they're able to get in during the week while they gossip about all the others in their congregations.

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