"A JW Poem"

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  • EmptyInside

    This afternoon,I'm cleaning out my drawers. I'm getting Watchtower and Awakes ready for the recycle bin,feels good. I also saved Kingdom Ministrys from late 80's through 90's,yeah,go figure. I found outlines to talks and generic letters from the Society from my pioneer days.

    Well,I also found some poetry,well,Witness poetry. But,this poem is on topic of service time wasters,enjoy,lol.

    "In Service"

    I have some friends that like to go

    Door to door in rain or snow

    Hot or cold they don't mind

    They're serving JAH and counting time

    Usually bright,sharp and quick

    To keep this up they have a trick

    When emotions drain and feet get cold

    They head for a place where coffee's sold

    This brew has amazing powers

    That would astonish Jesus at his Greatest hours

    So when it becomes hard to think

    We search out the place that has this drink

    One in particular we like to go

    Also sells small cakes of dough

    This fills our stomach and warms our heart

    Keeps us in our teaching art

    Tired or cold we never miss

    Surely Jehovah allows for this

    Though not divine or scripturally supported

    This break is necessary as reported

    Middle morning or afternoon

    Sometimes both, but never too soon

    Jehovah we know lives are at stake

    But please allow for this coffee break

    You'd think from this story coffee's first

    Actually the situation could be worse

    We could quit when we're tired

    Or leave the service when not inspired

    But when we weaken and have to stop

    We head straight for that coffee shop

    I ofen wonder if the apostle Paul

    Had a Dunkin' Donut near his Kingdom Hall!!!

    Oh,well,I can't take credit for this poetic gem,but I know I received it at Pioneer School. I learned so much there!

  • NewChapter


    But seriously---if I'm honest---it was usually about the break! LOL

  • jamiebowers

    I couldn't get past the first few lines.

  • EmptyInside

    Hahaha Jamie, I don't remember much about this,but they found it worthy enough to share it with us at pioneer school. I'll spare you the other theocratic gems,such as,the devil's favorite tool,etc.

    Witnesses really don't know much about poetry,it takes so little to impress them. But,just consider all their Kingdom Melodies,that explains a lot.

  • RayPublisher

    LOL I used to have a large three ring binder full of these...cute but S A D for me now that I know TTATT... (The Truth About the Truth TM )

  • jamiebowers
    I'll spare you the other theocratic gems,such as,the devil's favorite tool,etc.

    Man, I can think of a million possibilities!

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