JW in the News: Man arrested after using stun gun at football game

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  • laverite

    Hi all,

    Here's an interesting article that I found linked from Yahoo news:


    The man arrested is reported in the story to be a JW. His religious beliefs appear to be relevant to how conflict arose leading to his using his stun gun on people at a football game.

    I do not personally know how factual this story is, but it's interesting to me as it fits a theme I am interested in: JWs in the news. The story is getting attention from sources such as Fox News, Yahoo News, etc.


  • NewChapter

    Well that's one way to get them into the kingdom hall---render them helpless. Wierd.

  • ShirleyW

    Those who remember Wendy Williams radio show know that Charlamagne always said that he was raised as a JW, and this guy is his dad, looking at the photos of his dad in the paper today, is their "new light" saying that brothers can now where beards since Charlamane says his dad is a devout JW, maybe down south, can't remember what state he's from but maybe this certain part of the country (since Jdubs never do anything the same across the board) say it's Ok to sport a beard.

  • GLTirebiter

    Here is a confirming story, from the Charleston Post and Courier. McKelvey is facing several felony charges, including aggravated assault, possession of a stun gun and illegal possession of a weapon. He was released on $22,500 bail.

    The article doesn't say whether anybody else involved was arrested.

    If he was looking for trouble, I'd say he found it!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I posted on the first story on JWN about this. I will say a little more to end these speculations. From personal information, Charlamagne was raised a JW by his mother. He never got baptized, and if you listen to him on the radio, it's clear he doesn't live as a JW. His father (the Cowboys fan) was disfellowshipped years and years ago and has not been making any attempts at reinstatement.

  • ShirleyW

    kinda figured his dad wasn't active in da troof, because he always said on the radio his dad always regreted breaking up with his mom. Plus the fact that the guy has a full beard. Charlamagne definitely isn't in a witness, so knowing that his dad isn't either, wonder why he would claim his dad is one. . . whatever

  • laverite

    Thanks OTWO for the info. I looked through a few pages to see if anyone posted; sorry I missed your post. What I find interesting is the media coverage this is getting. They are covering the JW angle. Thanks again for the additional info.

  • Scully

    I can see it now... an Awake! article entitled

    Stun Guns - Are They for Christians?

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