Is the Governing Body's view of ex-members any different that this?

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  • Terry

    The Watchtower's Governing Body, since the late 70's, has fomented outright fear, hatred, antipathy and scorn toward former members who are whistleblowers about the destructive, lying policies inside the organization.

    The GB instructs members to not even pray for these so called "enemies" whom they label Apostate.

    Is the Governing Body's anti-EX JW bias and rhetoric any different than this?

  • JamesThomas

    The names may have changed, but the story remains the same.

    Both instances seem to reflect the black and white world of extreme tribalism that hungers for and actively seeks out a group to hate so that "we" may feel more righteous. It's always us against them. It's the foundation of all wars including the beliefs in Armageddon. It sucks. It really sucks. I feel sorry for people who can not escape this archaic web of the mind. It's sad.

    I hate you for bringing it up ;)

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    It's all totalism.

  • Terry

    I think it should be made very clear how apalling mindless hatred for people who are your brothers and sisters really is.

    It is right up there with racism & bigotry. Religious intolerance from the seat of authority being urged on families and children in the guise of righteous indignation is apalling.

    If we personally experience this we need to respond by properly calling it what it really is!

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