GREAT New Podcast and a Shout Out to MadSweeny

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  • DarioKehl

    First of all, I have a public message to MadSweeny. Dude... you ROCK. Keep up the great work. I listened to your latest installment last night. Very consice, very accurate and wonderful delivery. There are several lousy exJW podcasts around, but your delivery and finesse behind the mike are a welcome treat. I look forward to your upcoming episodes!

    Now, has anyone else listened to the newest exJW podcast on itunes? It started this spring. It's called "Witnesses for Atheism" and it's hosted by 3 irreverent goons from the Chicago area. And it's GREAT. I love these guys and I would really like to get in touch with them. Probably not the best show to convert friends who are still loyal to the bOrg, but it's a terrific place to go when you wanna just sit back and say, "RIGHT!!! SO RIGHT, I AGREE 100!" in addition to laughing your ass off at their explicit, juvenile sense of humor. They remind me of myself and all my goofy buddies who sat in the back 2 rows at every meeting, secretly ridiculing everything we were told to respect. One symptom of growing up in a high mind control cult is having a delayed or stunted maturity factor. I have it. Most of you probably have it. These guys DEFINITLEY have it LOL! But rather than psychoanalysize them, why not just kick back and freakin' CELEBRATE it? That's what these guys do, and, as a born-in JW lifer, I say they've earned it. Don't get me wrong tho, it's very well researched and accurate. They've actually brought up several topics I've never heard before! So, if you want some informative escapism, a good laugh and don't mind the F-word, I urge you all to check them out and give 'em some feedback on itunes.

    One request to the creators tho: 6 weeks between episodes is excrutiating--I know you guys are busy, but we want more! You're KILLIN' me, here! If you're on here, George, PM me, k?

  • discreetslave

    Good Job Mad!!!! I really enjoyed it

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    2011-09-14Yes, a big thumbs up for 'Witnesses for Atheism.' Even if you're not an atheist, you can appreciate a lot of what they have to say. Irreverent, funny, real-- Like here!<\br>And I need to listen to mad one of these days

  • leavingwt

    It would be much appreicated if links to these programs could be provided in this thread.

  • unshackled

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