The impact of Governing Body policy on higher education: read this!

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  • Terry

    I'm surprised that the college degree rate is as high as it is among JWs, according to that survey. I would have put it at 3-4% for an undergrad degree and around 1% for anything beyond.

    College educated, high earning CONVERTS!

    In other words, these things were PRE-conversion.

  • dgp

    Terry just introduced another important factor. The survey seems to assume that people do not convert. Religion at the time of survey is supposed to be "religion since birth". One more way the survey is really not very useful.

    What if someone left the Watchtower at, say, 18, went to college, and returned out of fear of Armageddon? Would it be possible to claim that there is a "positive" relationship between this person's degree and this person's religion?

  • Ding

    JWs will be proud of this statistic.

    Just shows how devoted they are to Jehovah rather than money.

    That's the way they will view this...

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    In placing the JWs at the bottom of the "socio-economic pile", this survey's results are consistent with those of any other such survey that I have ever heard of.

    Given the WTS's downer on education, should this in any way be surprizing?

    Just the same, I wonder how it would have come over if the JWs had scored high in one of these socio-economic surveys? i.e. would they then be under criticism for trying to worship both God and money?

    - bearing in mind that there is no pleasing some people!


  • Hairyhegoat

    I know a elders daughter who has just started college in my town in the UK. Her dad is very strict about everything she can do. But when it comes to loosing money like child benefit and child tax credits he just has to give in.

    If his daughter is not in work or at a full time course of a certain type then her family will loose all the benefits they were getting before she left school. In this case the elder would loose £2500 child tax credits and hundreds of pounds in child benefit. I should know, we are in the same position, only I am one of the mentally diseased How can the elder dad obey the WT on this higher education ban when he stands to loose so much income because of them..I can see a masive rebellion over this in the UK among JW'S who are been squeezed by this government already on fuel, job cuts and everything else. Then the asholes dictate that your kids carn't go into higher education......Who's going to pay the bills if they loose over £3000 in one foul swoop by the benefits agency ? Are the WT going to open soup kitchens or send food parcels round to feed their flocks ??? We all know the answer to this don't we I hope they don't call on my door today cuz I ready for a showdown with these morons..


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