Launch of the newly revised AJWRB.ORG (Associated Jehovah's Witnesses For Blood)

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  • Dogpatch

    After three weeks of putting in long hours Zen and I have put up a new look on the well-trafficked (#2 in Pagerank for all ex-JW-type websites) site that doctors and medical students regularly go to for accurate information on the Watchtower's current stance on transfusing blood components, etc. Fred Rusk and Gene Smalley will love what is coming up. But surprise! We have a softer tone and will soon have three talk discussion forums on the site: one for doctors only (private proof required to register; closed forum to outsider), one for active Jehovah's Witnesses to:

    1) teach them in understandable terms what is the WT's latest policy, what they can do in emergencies, and alternatives to blood transfusions for the intractable ones. Then there will be a public forum.

    2) understand that we are not their enemy nor are we trying to get them to disobey God, and

    3) They will not be disfellowshipped for taking blood in almost every case (but they don't know that yet! Could save their lives).

    Michael Shawn ("Zen") Dean, a former Bethelite of six years whose family is still involved in the JWs, writes with care and compassion for the Witnesses. His story is on the front page of today.

    Marvin Shilmer, who handed over the website to me (his idea) is now very productive in writing some most excellent articles almost daily. Read his fascinating blog at:

    Zen has planned seminars to educate major organizations like the Red Cross and local doctors to educate them. He wants to be very active in developing respectful communication between all parties in this issue rather tha attacking the WT. The goal is saving people's lives, and you can't do it with vinegar, but sometimes with honey.

    Many Witnesses come to this site in emergency situations for advice. We want as much cross-organizational cooperation as possible.

    If you work in the medical field, please put yourself on Zen's mailing list (for now just email him) so we can work together. [email protected]


    Any suggestions are appreciated. We are still linking up the old articles but in different folders and URLs, so if you have any links to pages other that the main page on the site, they need to be changed. We will have a site map soon when we get the old files cleaned up. If you need as new URL for an older article, email me at [email protected] for a new link.

    Soon will come new articles, video interviews, presentations, etc. so keep an eye on the site. Zen has his own e-newsletter with monthly information updates at:

    Articles and testimonies on the blood issue and the latest news will be posted regularly on AJWRB.ORG.

    Please feel free to submit and suggested articles to Zen at: [email protected]

    peace and happiness,

    Randy Watters (

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  • Atlantis


    Looks great Randy!

    Many thanks for posting the information.

    Atlantis & Nevada

  • dgp

    I trust many a life will be saved with this website.

  • garyneal

    marking, thanks

  • TD

    Interesting development


  • ekruks

    Even as a kid bought up in the faith, I never bought the blood issue, but I guess I went along with it due to 'passive dissidence', i.e. I said to myself that blood was bad anyway because of AIDS. It never really rested well with me, but we were told not to question what we couldn't understand, but to wait on Jehovah. This means we are so brainwashed, that JWs die for what they probably don't even really agree with, so no wonder some 'sin' while on a hospital bed, nearing death, and later beg forgiveness. As a child, I was proud of the HLC, viewing them as heroes, thinking they were good because judges in civilised countries like the USA agreed with them, but now it see it as a very nasty state of affairs. I wouldn't complain if the courts overrode Jehovah's Witnesses on this matter, when no substitute could be provided.

  • ekruks

    Zen's story is very interesting !

  • yourmomma

    that site was the first site i went to when i starting doing research as i wanted to resolve my blood questions since that is a life or death issue. that site was great then, and now its even better. needless to say that site changed my life and awakened me to the fact that the watchtower blood policy makes no sense and people are dying for no reason. the blood issue was the first set of scales lifted off my eyes, and after researching on that site i tore up my blood card.

  • lrkr

    Great job guys!

    Dogpatch- your website(s) have contributed to the mental freedom of many. I trust this new endeavor will do the same.

    Thanks for your labor of love.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Absolutely a must read!

    Thank you Randy.

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