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  • sizemik

    You who have "spiritual qualifications" . . . as determined by us!

    Another control mechanism . . . cult behaviour and power allocation justified by a modification of scripture.

    Yet again!

  • TimothyT

    Its crazy what im finding out from the bible now.

    For example, I recall this scripture being read MANY times from the platform. Galatians 5 was another hottie.

    But as regards Galatians 1 and 2: NEVER EVEN HEARD THEM BEFORE!

    Madness! Being kicked out has done wonders for my spirituality. Its up to me now - i cant rely on them anymore to feed me.

    Timmy x

  • punkofnice

    I know you enjoyed the Baptist experience.......................now my son, if you really want an uplifting experience (well it was for me), try going to 'Evensong' in a Cathedral. It's an hour long and the choir can be phenominally beautiful.

    Not preaching. Just my own personal experience....not for everyone!

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