New Song - "Blinded By New Light"

by RayPublisher 26 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Greybeard
  • fakesmile

    stand up like a douche, while we say the prayer tonight

  • Greybeard

    LOL, thats good!

  • exwhyzee

    No longer blinded by New LIght, learned the truth about the truth found out all that wasn't right. No I'm not Blinded By New Light, wasn't kicked out or shunned out, simply faaded out of sight, I don't claim to have life's answers, yet I'm takin' my chances, gonna'' trust God to be my main guide. And when his number one Son, finally does to us come, I' m hopin' I'll be there at his side. They misled me and they told me, if I questioned what they showed me, I'd be making that old Devil smile. But I came to the conclusion, it was men's word I was choosin', so their doctrines I finally put up on trial. Now I'm not Blinded by New Light, not teachin' other people bout' things that just aint' right. Yeah, I'm not blinded by New Light, not alone in my leavin' cause' right with me came my wife. We were in it since childhood, taught that to question was no good, but somehow we knew down inside. If they knew what they were doin' all the info they were spewin', would have been proven right the first time. No it hasn't been easy, and alone we knew that we'd be, not a friend in the world do we have. Though we're still the same people and our values all are equal, there's no love for us to be had. For they are blinded by New Light, afraid to look around them just in case they'll see the light. Yes they're still blinded by the light, held captive by the concept it's only they who have it right. You can talk to your family, and you know well that they see the things you have shown them are true. But if they are not ready, their foundations unsteady, it's easy for them to blame you. The whole things is set up, to make those who dare speak up, look like they are just Satan's spies. They are frightened of dyin' so to themselves they'll keep on lyin' convinced they have their eyes on the prize. Tho they are blinded by New Light, you know that they are victims so you underatand their plight. Yes they are blinded by New Light but it doesn't really matter, cause ond day they'll get it right.

  • whathappened

    Really enjoyed this, missed it the first time around.

  • RayPublisher

    @ whathappened - Glad you caught it.

    I have another parody based on a biggie, the lyrics are all written and have downloaded the karaoke music...any takers?

  • Greybeard

    WOW, that was good exwhyzee! Thank you!

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