Cliff Robertson, Wonderful Actor, Dead at 88

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  • BizzyBee

    Just damn

    One of my all-time favorite actors. I was surprised that he was 88 - he's always seemed to exude such youthfulness, that I would have guessed him younger. Handsome and always a really compelling performance no matter what the part. Picnic, PT 109, Charly, Three Days of the Condor, etc. He lost a daughter in 2007, and went downhill rapidly. Of course being 88 will do that, too.

    RIP, Cliff.

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Wow, I thought he died 10 years ago. Thank goodness I was wrong. He was really good in Charley. Very compelling.

  • Berengaria

    I always associated him with my uncle Cliff for some reason. The mouth I think.

    Charly was disturbing. I saw that movie as a child then read the story as a youth. He was great.

    RIP Cliff

  • watson

    Great actor, great voice. He will be missed.

  • sizemik

    Interesting to read he was a keen aviator . . . owned and preserved several classic aircraft including an authentic MkIX Supermarine Spitfire. Ironically, he was airborne over NYC on Sept 11 2001, when the towers were struck . . . and died 10 years later, 1 day before the anniversary . . . and 1 day after his Birthday.

    A fine actor and sad to see him go.

  • glenster
  • blondie

    Sorry to hear this. He died one day after his birthdate. Time marches on and no one escapes death despite the WTS drivel.

    I found the movie Charly very moving and disturbing. (He won the best actor Oscar for this in 1968) Last seen in 2007 as Ben Parker in Spiderman.

  • poppers

    I saw PT 109 when it first came out and I was just a kid - I loved it, and Cliff Robertson instantly became one of my favorite actors. Sorry to hear of his death. Thanks, sizemik, for those tidbits about him and the events of 911.

  • designs

    Good bye Charlie sniff

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