How many rules to JW´s have? Gregorson says 1,777

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  • Botzwana

    Is that true? I have never counted them up but it would be SO interesting to see considering the Israelites only had 600...

  • MrFreeze

    I would think it would be more.

  • clarity

    Botz ... thanks for the link, very interesting!

  • Hortensia

    fortunately, it doesn't matter unless you are still playing their game. If you've moved on, well, who cares how many rules they have?

  • wobble

    I don't give a turd exactly how many rules they have, or what they are, but it is sufficient to know they have a Law Code at least twice as long as the Mosaic one, this condemns them as not being followers of Jesus.

  • punkofnice

    I thought it was 1 law - Obey the Governing Body or Die!

    or if there is anything enjoyable that isn't related to giving power and money to the GB then DON'T do it!!!!! (o Jar Hoover will lovingly murder you SOON!! Depending on how the ove3rlapping goes for him!)

  • WTWizard

    It is impossible to know for sure. You are always getting new ones, and there are rules that the hounder-hounder is initiating. Other rules are initiated by one hounder in a local congregation, and only effective for certain groups of people. There are also rules that pio-sneer groups initiate to those going with them in their car group--and often including some that are there because those pio-sneers put them there.

  • Ding

    How can the rules be counted accurately?

    What about all the unwritten rules?


    It was the cherry picking of rules which first led me to doubt dubs in my teens

    They foolow the "no blood rule": because it was a law given to the isrealties - yet they dont follow laws like:

    Not shaving the hair on your temples - why dont dubs look like hasidic jews with those ring curls by their ears?

    How can u pick one rule and not follow the other 600? it doesnt make any sense.

    As I grew older Ive cove to appreciate that Jesus said "I have come to put an end to the law" and he gave only 2 laws - which we all know.

    Dubs are definatrly NOT christians ... they are cherry picking Abrahamics

  • NewChapter

    When you throw in the local rules, this probably doubles. I remember a young MS in our hall changed congregations---he went to one an entire 10 minutes away---and they deemed his hair too extreme to serve. He changed it. It was modern, but not shocking by any means---yet 10 minutes away they were shocked. I heard about another hall that would have the young women kneel on a top step. If the hem of her skirt didn't touch the floor, her skirt was judged too short.

    We had a rule that only families with small children could sit in the back rows of the wide middle aisle. They would even make the elderly and sick move who chose the seats to be closer to the bathroom etc. A few of the elders had small children and everyone else needed to just move the hell aside. And then it morphed into stern looks for anyone with children that sat elsewhere---

    It's just endless.


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