My muslim coworker: I'm comforted with the fact that some people just have to go, there just has to be a purge.

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  • N.drew

    The really funny thing is people die and some of you don't believe that.

    How long have people been dying?

  • N.drew

    Then when someone comes here and says people die, you like, oh, how do you know that?

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I guess if what your coworker meant by sinners is those who like to bring harm to other people that is one thing. However if by sinner they meant anyone who believes different than they do that is a different matter. There is no shorage of people who believe that they have the one true religion and that God has got their back and is going to kill everyone who isnt part of their little group of true believers.

  • NewChapter

    N. Drew: Who are you talking to? Burn forever? You said I said that

    I followed the conversation:

    Joliette: I got the biggest WTF look on my face when my coworker said this to me a week ago. She actually felt comforted with the fact that the sinners of this world 'will just have to go.' How is the comforting

    Thomas Covenant: I was chatting a few months back to a Muslim doctor of science, therefore of a certain level of alleged education and intelligence, and eventually got him to admit that he believed that I, as an unbeliever, [hence the name Thomas Covenant] would be the ''fuel for the fires of hell''. Charming.

    N. Drew: How? It is not comforting but it looks like it is true

    But if you're just saying we die---that's cool. You'll die too. No biggie. Happens all day. My day will come too.


  • N.drew

    Huh? Sorry I am so dumb.

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