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  • sizemik
    I read Stafford went back to the WBT$........................;-)...OUTLAW

    I've tried to determine where this guy is at . . . he left . . . went back . . . and as of Feb 2011 . . .

    Greg Stafford is a Jehovah's Witness who is no longer associated with the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. ...

    It would appear he has his own group called "Christian Witnesses of Jah" LOL.

    Perhaps he is the Charles Taze Russell of the 21st Century?

    If you have a high level of intellectual capacity and try to remain a JW . . . it will drive you into madness.

  • Billen76

    Regarding Rolf Furuli then the word is, that the WTS allready tried to silence him and/or discredit him and/or kick him out. Their problem was, that Rolf Furuli have massive support in the Norweegean congos. It is said that many CBoE's in Norway threathened to disassociate the WTS if they touched Rolf Furuli. So they don't touch him, because he is quite popular amongst the witnesses in Norway.

    I would guess he is one of those, that believe he can change things inside the JW community. Ex. he is advocating that young witnesses seek higher education.

    If people feel locked in the community they have sweared their life to, they rather want to change the "spirit" of the community than leaving it all behind. It is a social thing then. They are still living on a lie though and lures the young ones into a trap by their activity. JW community remains just that despite it all, a trap.

  • sizemik

    Interesting info Billen76 . . .

    This kind of internal "dissent" is a good sign . . . and often occurs at the latter part of the religious organisational life-cycle.

    "A Kingdom divided against itself . . . "

  • Billen76

    @ sizemik

    It has allways been a kingdom divided against itself, where the WTB$ came out the strongest and crushed all opposition. But people hang on and still more are lured into the trap. I'm afraid we should not get our hopes up high in this regard. People (we) are dum and there will allways be new generations who are ignorant of the past and that can be convinced to remain so. They would litterally be willing to "sell their souls" to be part of something important, get a package of obligated friends and get to "own" their family.

    Rolf Furuli is just giving the norweegean congos false hope that may get a lot of youngsters to cling on to the JW. The society will not change fundamentally and they will grow up in a trap. RF might even mean well, but he is still just a man helping the WTB$ to trap people.

    NB: Regarding "selling ones soul", it is intereting that thisis actually what "Insight" explains that the witnesses have done. They have "sold their souls" to the organisation! (see "Soul", serving with the whole soul)

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