My Old KH in the News - "Vicar fury at new home for Jehovahs"

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  • cofty

    Its an amazig old building. I rememebr the countless hours helping to renovate it about 21 years ago. The towers and castillations are not original they are probaly a couple of hundred years old but there is a very old manor house in the main part of the building. Its actually quite attractive indoors. It was also a Church of Scotland for a number of years.

    Incidently I fitted that alarm bell on the tower in the pic.

    I am going to write to the paper just to underline some of the vicar's comments. I will share before I send it in.

  • cofty

    George, got your PM thanks, you have a reply.

  • cofty

    I just noticed this clause in the planning consent -

    There shall be no amplified speech or music within or outside the building.

    I wonder how they will get around that one?

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Cofty, Just heard the new KH has been built and is in use. Is it the usual bland featureless, windowless quick build?


  • steve2

    The vicar's vain attempts to stop the building didn't work. I love it when one pompous element attacks another pompous element.

  • cofty

    Yes the new quick build is in use. It has a few windows but I think they are corridors and toilets. I was surpirsed how long it took them to finish the job after the quick-build team left. Weeks went by when there was nothing happening. I guess its down to the same few locals to do the work.

    The renovation of the old kingdom hall is almost finished. Its going to be an art gallery/house/music venue etc. The new owners are doing a great job I'm looking forward to having a look around. They are going to call it the Berwick Watchtower.

  • karter


    A letter to the Ed would be good i enjoyed your last one.


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