Whatever happened to John Joseph May, Irish former JW

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  • RayPublisher

    @wobble & cantleave: As usual, some of The Atheists TM are quick to call names and judge those that don't believe as they do. Oh well, we will make it a point to NOT pray for you lol...

    Hmmm sounds like another group we talk about a lot on here don't it?

  • SuperBoy

    I remember John May coming up to me as I was walking along Anglesea Road (the RDS in Dublin) and said "THEY THREW ME OUT FOR ASKING QUESTIONS!".

    As a 14 year JW at the height of my faith (aka: a total twat) I laughed back and felt sorry for him.

    What a difference a few years make!

  • nonjwspouse

    cantleave and wobble, I am dissapointed.

    May got OUT and was super courageous doing all he did, especially at the time he did it. He is OUT of the JW. He thinks differently than you do. So what? Why do you attack when his beliefs are different? Is that really what you are all about? Judging as him "not moving on much" because he isn't "in step" with what you believe? Really?

  • Phizzy

    NJS I won't presume to answer for Cantleave and others, so I will post my feelings on this, but what is annoying to rational thinking people is when assertions are made with no proof.

    Atheists, if you look up the meaning, do not "believe". "Belief" in the meaning of trusting that something is true without proof.

    We do not "believe" in Evolution, because of the overwhelming proof we trust that the Theory (Theory in the Scientific sense) is sound.

    I do not ever myself attack individuals, and I don't see that a personal attack has happened in this old thread, what is held up to scrutiny are the irrational unproven, and therefore silly, beliefs of people like Mr May. The beliefs are fair game for ridicule, never the person.

    I have the utmost respect for what John May , and his friend did, was his friend Mr Merryweather or similar ? or is the old memory playingtricks?

    I know they had a huge effect in Ireland, by their courageous actions they planted many seeds that bore fruit.

    They went to N.Y and tried to get answers, they were treated in the usual way by the W.T, what a disgusting, dishonest organization, in so many ways !

  • cofty

    When I was in Dalkeith near Edinburgh there was a bro who knew John who went over to Ireland to try to "help" him. He learned TTATT from John and came back an apostate and took quite a few out with him.

    Unfortunately, instead of moving on with their lives they dedicated themsleves to becoming anti-WT activists. They used to picket outside the KH and follow people around in the FS. It reinforced JWs preconceptions about apostates. Sadly one of the group committed suicide. I can't remember the names now.

    I agree with Cantleave about John's anti-evolution rant. Very disappointing.

  • Xanthippe

    Oh dear! Takes me back to all those public talks where people (and sadly I mean men people) who don't know their arse from their elbow stand up and try and tell us in a loud forceful way what the truth is.

  • designs

    When I knew John just before he left he was a sincere as any JW. He and several prominent JWs in the Los Angeles area all joined up with various Evangelical groups when they left. I've wondered if any of them stayed with that group think or if they evolved and moved on.

    Hard to imagine this bright young guy staying with the Creationist crowd, its like he never really got over the religion addiction.

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