Who's Your Favorite Celebrity?

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    Shamus and Pee Wee Herman on a Date..


    ..................... ...OUTLAW

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    You must be joking.

    The last time I checked, celebrities pooped brown poop, just like everyone else. The one's I've met were either total bores, or narcissists or just plain stupid. I'm sure there are a lot of engaging and smart celebrities, but the same is true about the guy down the street, who also has brown poop.


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    Broken Promises


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    Reopened Mind

    Years ago TotallyADD and I attended a Star Trek convention in West Palm Beach,FL. This was before any Star Trek movies had been made. It had to be combined with a comic book convention because there was so little interest in all things Star Trek. We had the great pleasure of spending the entire afternoon with George Takei who played Sulu on the Original Series. It was George who told us of the upcoming movies featuring the original cast. You can bet we watched eagerly. My favorite ST movie is Star Trek IV the Voyage Home.

    Many years later we met Armin Shimmerman who played Quark on Star Trek Deep Space Nine. This was at the Star Trek Hilton in Las Vegas. We waited in a very long line to meet him. I remember his wife walking through the crowd to apologize for the long wait. Armin took time to talk to each one in turn. So by the time we got to him we had an audience of about five minutes. Another wonderful afternoon.

    These two rank very high on my list of favorite celebrities.

    Reopened Mind

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    Demi Moore

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    Farkel wrote: "The last time I checked, celebrities pooped brown poop, just like everyone else."

    Whenever I find myself in awe of someone, I picture them on the potty. It works wonders in setting my mind straight.

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    You guys are shit stirrers. LOL!

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    I love Rosalind Russell. She was a wonderful actress, and she has an interesting biography. She would be someone I would love to talk to!

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