New Light Video

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  • skeeter1

    very good. didn't know about the Moonies

  • anonread

    "Scripture can be likened to a lamp which illuminates the truth.

    It's mission is to shed the light of truth. When a brighter light

    appears, the mission of the old one fades. Today's religions have

    failed to lead the present generation out of the dark valley of

    death into the radiance of life, so there must now come a new

    truth that can shed a new light." Divine Principle, p.10. Sun Moon

    Rev Sun Myung Moon teaches that the Bible alone is not enough,

    that you need the "new light" offered by Moon's organization. Though he claims

    to revere the Bible, members are told that the group leaders are the

    only ones who can correctly interpret scripture. As a result, members

    spend their time reading literature written by the group supplemented

    by little pieces of the Bible.

    Here is a documentary on the Moonies;

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