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    Like Bozo

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    I know a sister who felt anything with talking animals was wrong since Satan was the first to make an animal appear to talk

    Oh this is interesting. I was looking through a book of different publishers to get their rules on submittals. One christian press had a rule against any stories with talking animals. It didn't make sense, and I wasn't interested in them anyway, so I never looked into it. Now I think I know why.


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    That's why I like the Road Runner, and that Coyote, ever notice how they never talked? Just that annoying Be ep..Beep. Now that cartoon should of been shown on that bus. I don't think that animals can talk..common that is silly, but the Muppets, now they are real.

    I don't want to meddle here, but, anyone that wears a tie has got to be friggin crazy. That is a pagon custom. Common guys, don't give into this satanic influence. You know in your neck area. There are two small arteries. If they get constricted, they will cause a stroke. Why do you think Abraham, Noah, etc lived as long as they did. Gotta be the ties, man.

    Sorry, had some Crown Royal Rye tonight.

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    LOL QB. When a woman wears a tie, she's not obligated to wear it as tight as a man. They can choose too, but it's still fashionable to leave some play up there. And I don't wanna hear any complaints about ties until you wear a pair of nylons!!!! LOL

    ALSO--the cuyote and rr used signs. Snarky, evil little signs.

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    OMG....Signs, Signs, everywhere are signs

    Do this, don't do that,

    Can't you see the signssssss.

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    ABibleStudent: "My former devout JW friend was told not to associate with me shortly after we first met. According to my former friend, her spiritual father, an elder, said it out of concern and love for her. I do not know what the elder said, but I do know that the elder never met me and probably said it to my former friend because I am a 'Worldly' person."

    Same thing happened to me, and i think its an odd practice. The lack of trust is a poor foundation for a friendship. My study teacher (also an elder's daughter) pretty much told me "You're not one of us yet" and still wouldn't hang out with me even though she knew I had abandoned my worldly friends. I was still worldly to a JW, though. The rare party i did get invited to was always frosty because my presence would upset at least one JW there. But being excluded didn't make me want to get baptized any faster... feeling like they didn't want me around (even if they were only obeying the 'rules') only expanded the gap between me and them and going to hall got uncomfortable because of it, so it didn't work to their advantage. I was lovebombed at the KH initially but it all cooled off when i wasn't progressing fast enough for their liking and who's to say anything would heat up after baptism anyway. I don't even know who really would have been my friend had i got baptized because some people did seem to genuinely like me but held back from associating with me. I have an inkling you become even worse in a JW's eyes when you studied for a long time, and have regular meeting attendance but don't progress past that without good reason. Not that there is any good reason when it comes to not doing Jehovah's will.

    You're right that an elder most likely got in her ear about it, if not just another zealous JW. In my experience, there are different kinds of dubs. Some would say to me after meetings "You coming with us tonight?" which was always awful because i hadn't been told a thing about "tonight." because my teacher & her closest friends were the zealous ones. I can't tell you how many times I was so blatantly excluded. And when i did hang out with them, it was never really a good time because we didn't have anything much in common. The only relaxing time i had at a party was spent talking to another study who had been invited and who i convinced not to get baptized. She never came back to the hall, either. The fact that we were left to talk together for hours with no one coming over to include us in anything or say hi just goes to show how the JW's there felt about associating with studies.

    On the subject of meddling, talking to the opposite sex in the KH. OH GOD the scrutiny and the obvious attempts to get brother reformed-wild-child-now-highly-esteemed-pioneer-MS away from spiritually weak worldly girl. One woman yelled out that she had to talk to him and refused to come to him, like she was a 3 year old throwing a tantrum and an old guy nearby us pretty much did the same thing, repeatedly yelling out "She wants to see you. OVER THERE." Subtley eludes them. We were discussing "the truth" anyway and he was probably counting his time. Another woman who'd never met me came over and asked me "Are you his girlfriend?" (Uh, hi, how are you? or introducing herself would have been nice) as if to say we looked that intimate. LOL. Talk about wanting to run, not walk, out of the kingdom hall.

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Roxanesophia - Excellent point. I've seen times when, if a single sister and a single brother just happen to sit next to each other, jw's started thinking they were going out! And their sitting together was just a one-off..

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    I had my non-jw (never been) brother attend a small party I had in my home while he was staying with us. An elder approached me afterwards and said someone was offended by his being there.

    *** km 6/89 pp. 1-2 Enjoying Theocratic Association ***


    5 One cannot walk with God while running in association with those of the wicked and sick society that approves of everything that God abhors. The Bible warns: "Bad associations spoil useful habits." (1 Cor. 15:33) Some in the congregation may be inclined to invite worldly acquaintances and unbelieving relatives who have no interest in the truth to social gatherings, thinking that this will encourage them to accept the truth. However, is this wise and in harmony with the Scriptures?

    6 We have been counseled to be cautious in our dealings with men of the nations, unbelievers, and ordinary persons. (See the November 15, 1988, issue of The Watchtower, pages 15-16.) Why should we have unnecessary social contact with people who still pursue worldly ways and who have not become worshipers of Jehovah? (2 Cor. 6:14, 15) Some who are negligent spiritually may seek out others who also hold on to worldly thinking and ways instead of seeking association with mature Christians who could help them become strong in the faith. They fail to appreciate that attendance at social gatherings with worldly, unprincipled people can weaken their faith and corrupt them.—Compare 2 Thessalonians 3:14, 15.

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    The Quiet One: I found they're so backwards and ignorant when it comes to male and female relationships. That's something I couldn't deal with if I became a JW. I'll talk to and befriend females but I get along much better with boys having grown up with 4 brothers and no sisters. Also in JW world, the boys were more interesting and the conversation definitely wasn't strictly spiritual things. the girls seemed to have nothing to talk about with me, a study, other than "Did you enjoy the talk? It was so encouraging!" and when there was a group of them together the topic of conversation was the lives of everyone else in the congregation.

    Blondie: Although it's a stupid rule, i sorta understood not associating with 'worldly people', but i was interested in "the truth" and still was excluded anyway. Now I'm curious, is there any instruction not to associate with the unbaptized study, too?

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