The Dog that did not bark: Jehovah's Witnesses' greatest mystery

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  • moshe

    JWs are just never ask for tangible proof of the F&DS doctrine- just one live, in the flesh , person who is identified by name in the WT as one of that class would suffice. A recent court hearing in Australia seemed to provide the answer- the WT lawyers admitted as much that the F&DS terminology wasn't literal, ie, figurature word play, as you were.

  • Terry

    Does anybody happen to remember which Sherlock Holmes mystery that was from? I have tried several times to think of it, but cannot - and I don't want to read the complete works of A. Conan Doyle to find out...

    The Adventure of the Silver Blaze.

  • james_woods

    The Adventure of the Silver Blaze.

    Ah yes - the disguised racehorse.

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