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    I read Don Cameron's book and got an idea on how to word a letter to the ex when certain expressions indicate she has no clue why I left the JWs...

    I would suggest "Captives of a concept" to all who just want a simple way to explain to a witness why we don't go... although there are a ton of reasons....

    Here is snip of the letter...

    You mentioned me getting reinstated the other day. I laughed because it was so funny to me. It also let me know that you really don't understand why I left the Witnesses.

    I was going to attempt to explain it to you as simply and specifically as I can.

    The congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses were selected in 1919 by Jesus, who had returned invisibly in 1914. He selected them on the principles found in Mat 24:45-47 after examining all religions at that time. I think we both know this.

    Important to note is the fact that the scripture says that his servants would be providing the right food at the proper time. If it were just a matter of a group "eventually" providing the right food at the proper time, then "any" group could have been chosen, their useless doctrines discarded, and a purified form of worship left to the world. This is not JW teachings. The Witnesses teach that they qualified "then" as the "faithful and discreet slave".

    Now, what were the teachings of the Witnesses in 1919?

    I don't have to explain to you that teachings were very different between now and 1919. You and I both know that Christmas and birthdays were still celebrated. Even segregation was practiced at the time.

    One of the important factors to me was the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses were the "only" religion not expecting Jesus to return because they already were teaching, in 1919, that he was already here; invisibly since 1874. They didn't correct their teaching till 1943. So they were almost 30 years late. I don't see right food or proper time in that.

    If you want to check these facts out just read your Proclaimers book chapter 21... entitled "Correcting Their Mistake"... It seems nit picky, but don't you think Jesus would have been nit picky back in 1919?

    Being reinstated is not on my horizon. Jesus used Mat 24:45-47 to indicate who he selected out of all mankind to be his representatives. When trying to figure out who that is, we need to look at just what Jesus looked at; at the TIME he looked at it.

    I don't hate the Witnesses. Although, I do understand that the world is wicked and Satan will use any and every opportunity to misdirect people.

    I also understand that you and many other people love the practices and culture of being a Jehovah's Witness. If Mat 24:45-47 serves as a marker, I just can't align myself with a group that Jesus himself wouldn't have approved. He may approve of the general principles being taught now, which are helpful; but an allegiance to a group claiming they are the faithful and discreet slave, without solid proof, is a little much.

    Anyway, this ought to clear up and put to bed the reasons why I won't return as a Jehovah's Witness.

    Sorry if this is a rehash of what you already knew, but sometimes I get the impression you really don't know why I left.
  • dm6

    very very nice.

    You could leave the scripture 2nd John 1:7 at the end there.

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    She still won't "get it"..........

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    Anony Mous

    Very nice. I just thought this morning while walking to work about formulating something similar (I'm still considered a JW, but they're working hard on correcting that):

    I don't believe in God right now because of my past issues of abuse but I do want to believe in God and I am working on that very hard. However if that God says that I have to shun anyone because they don't believe or that God says you have to shun me because I believe something different, even if I don't try to convince anyone otherwise, first of all, I don't think a loving God would require that of us and second, I do not want to believe in such a God. Such a God sounds very insecure, almost human to me. It sounds more like the pastors we read about in the Watchtowers that boycott Witness' businesses because they didn't want to lose their income and didn't want to hear the truth.

  • IsaacJ22

    If you're really trying to reach an understanding here, I would consider leaving out or changing this line:

    I laughed because it was so funny to me.

    This could be interpreted as hostile or condescending. That's especially troubling as it's right at the start of the letter.

    Just a thought. :-)

  • DJPoetech

    just got back in from work.... Appreciate the comments...

  • cantleave

    Excellent !!!!

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