My bf said me too fat for this dress!

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  • mrmusicmr

    pic of mei'm on the far right. The picture is WAY recent. from the last two weeks

    Here's the deal. I am on the bigger side. I have been craving to have this dress now. I love its style and plan to wear it for a friend's wedding. But my bf said me too fat for it. It makes me frustrating. WDYT? Please give me you're advice. Would I look good or not?

    dress image

  • Iamallcool

    all of his or her posts are junky.

  • dm6

    LOL let me tell you, you are NOT on the bigger side.

    And you are HONESTLY not too big for it.

    You look fine Xxx

  • Iamallcool

    spam alert.

  • Broken Promises
  • mouthy

    The bf dont wont you to wear it.....because other guys will like it ....You are not fat in my opinion

  • YankeeGirl

    You don't look big at all, actually we probably have the same frame...IMO that is not a type of dress I would wear because I am self concious about my curves...but if it makes you happy, and you think you look good in it, go for it!

  • WontLeave

    ...and dm6 goes in for the score. Why do some people turn everything online into a sex chat site? Putting the moves on a spammer. Wow.

  • ohiocowboy

    I think dm6 was just being nice. I was getting ready to post basically the same thing and tell her how pretty and how blind her boyfriend was until I realized it was spam. Nothing sex chatty about it, just being honest and nice. Compliments do not usually equate to I wanna have sex with you.

    Have a nice evening! (I mean that in a non sexual way-lol)

  • RedCrayola

    I think in this case you should be grateful to your boyfriend for his honesty. Just think how humiliating it would be for you if you actually wore such a skinny chick dress out in public. It's time to grow up and stop thinking you can wear stuff that was designed to be worn by models. Just my two cents.

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