Scans of Consolation, Dec 25, 1940, favorable blood transfusion story

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    I have seen scans of the December 25, 1940 Consolation story before, but today I came across a site where the complete issue can be downloaded:

    Consolation 12/25/1940, page 19

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  • wobble

    So, when did the "New Light" about BT's actually strike in Brooklyn ? Was it post Rutherford ?

  • Alleymom

    Sorry, Wobble, I can't help you with that. I know the Sep 1945 Dutch edition of Consolation vehemently spoke out against refusing inoculations and transfusions.

  • TD

    The very first condemnation of transfusion ever to appear in JW literature was just a few years later in the December 1, 1944 issue of The Watchtower on page 362:

  • Alleymom

    Wobble, there have been several threads about the Dutch edition of Consolation.

    Esp. see Blondie's post 30460.

    Hopefully someone else here can answer your question.

    Edited to say: TD has provided the answer!

  • Athanasius

    One reason for the favorable article in the December 1940 Consolation regarding blood transfusions may have to due with Judge Rutherford's health at the time. He was suffering from cancer and had undergone several operations. Whether Rutherford required a blood transfusion during surgery is not mentioned in Watchtower publications.

    But the fact that Rutherford permitted an article mentioning the benefits of blood transfusions indicates that he was not opposed to this medical procedure. Rutherford also exercised some control over Freddie Franz and his kookie ideas. However, once Rutherford joined Chuck Russell beyond the vale, Freddie was free to push his screwball opinions on the JWs, one of which was no blood transfusions for the faithful.

  • ekruks

    Fascinating !

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